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pain relief

I have just read a few articles about the benefit of reflexology in regard to Thyroid problems and was wondering if it would be of any benefit for dealing with arthritis pain. The reason I ask is that I am on Buttrans patches and Gabapentin - none of which help. I don"t really want to take any more tablets or I will be rattling. Would be grateful for other opinions

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why take it if it doesn't help? I use the patches 2x 20 mg, I was also on gabapentin and I thought I was going mad because if you don't use an exact dose it will make you ill and you will think your going round the bend. I hope you find the answers you need.



I had reflexology, not for arthritis, but for anxiety, however I didn't find it worked for me. It maybe worth trying it though at everyone is different. Hope things pick up for you soon.



It's worth trying anything that isn't going to do harm. But there's no good evidence that it works apart from anecdotes about individual people who have or haven't found it helpful.

Have you been seen at the pain clinic? And have you been to a EPP course?


have been seen at pain clinic on butttrans patches and have tens machine but what is EPP course please


Hi Kath, I have had reflexology and always found it helped. The consultant always seemed to know by touch which bits were hurting that day! I always felt better afterwards. Have also had acupuncture as well and that also seems to do some good. Have you got a TENS machine at home? That is also good for pain relief as well.

Gabapentin didn't work for me either and I told my GP I wasn't taking it any longer. It also made me feel like a zombie for hours and I slept for a very long time. Haven't tried the Bhutrans patches as the drugs I am on seem to cope - MTX and an anti TNF. Suggest you go back to your GP/rheumy consultant and ask them to consider an alternative. No point taking something that doesn't work for you. LavendarLady


I am due to have FBC and thyroid checked in April and see the rhuemmy so i will ask then. Had nerve ablation to my back last week so will be seeing the pain team soon so maybe they will be a better bet in regards to pain releif. I wonder if it is the Gabapentin that is making me sleep so much I wouldn't mind if I felt any better after it but I don't


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