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Got home today from a shopping trip with my 15 year old granddaughter today. We had a lovely time, luckily, she hates escalators as much as me, we went to a shopping mall, and bless her, says she doesn't mind walking at a snails pace. Lol ! I received yet another letter from the hospital following the X-ray last week after my CT scan last month, this time for an ultrasound scan. This letter has come from the ultrasound dept. The ct and X-ray were requested by my rheumy, the technician last week managed to decipher her writing as a 4 mm nodule on the fifth rib. Have a pain in the sternum in between my breasts for about 3 weeks, but this feels like costochonditus, which I had last year. Not sure why they are doing so many tests, any ideas please.

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  • It may probably be just a that if they find x, even if x is completely harmless, they then have to rule out y & z.

    I had a CT scan recently which found a single 5mm nodule. The lung specialist was 99.99% certain that it was absolutely nothing. But his protocol says that because I have RA and a history of lung problems then they must follow this up. So it is being followed up to rule out other evil causes.

  • Thanks helixhelix for you reassurance, yes that does make sense. I suppose I was just thinking they would know from the CT scan. At least they are being very thorough. Will just have to be a little more patient. Really appreciate your reply. Wishing a Happy New Year to you and yours. X

  • I should think they are being thorough. I hope that you had great day shopping.

    Have a good new year.


  • Thx Jacqui, I was hoping for a dx sooner, even though I am sure it's just RA related. Yes thx a great day. I really enjoy my shopping trips with either of my granddaughters, they are so understanding of my lack of mobility, apparently I am slower than her other grandma( I am Nana) and not as slow as her grandad, lol...we managed to use some vouchers and change some things, in between coffee and lunch stops and chat away. All best wishes to you. Hugs G X

  • Sounds like you had a lovely time! Hope you are reassured by HelixHelix reply - what were we just saying about the gift that keeps on giving?

    Happy New Year when it comes to you and yours. xxx

  • Yes I definitely was, thanks for your support this year NanaFifi. This site does give us comfort. The best thing of course is the gift of love and support from our family and friends including our friends on this forum. All best wishes to you and your lovely family for a good New Year. Hugs G.

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