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Side effects

Side effects

Wednesday mornings = nausea

Not this morning. Take my Mx on Tuesday just before bed, and usually wake early weds with a bit of a tummy and feeling icky.

Not so this morning. No icky, no bad tummy, no dashing to the toilet (you know what I mean!?)

So do you think I am beginning to tolerate the dose - 20mg? I hope so.

Which brings me round to another thing. I am so lucky, and I spent all that time between diagnosis and now thinking how rotten life is chucking this at me, after all I have had to put up with! I thought it was payback for finding the love of my life and living for the first time in 40 years!

I read the stories of those who have had the blooming terrible disease for years and how, if only they had had the same drugs then as they do now... I almost do not want to think about it, is that selfish.

I was listening to Jeremy Vine's Radio Programme following Lyn's link, sorry I haven't learnt how to include it in blogs. I realise now I am lucky and hopefully will not face the lifelong problems that so many of you have. I hope I am not being too maudling (I think that's the word) and I hope you understand what I am trying to say.

Without you and the modern drugs, I would not be feeling as well as I do and I appreciate that..

So my New Year's resolution now on this April 6th is I shall stop wallowing in self pity, and be more positive. (Fingers crossed, hard to give up the habit of a life time!)

Take care peeps x Julie

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Yes i know what you mean Julie I take mine on a Friday and often have to make a quick dash to the loo. However I do think it is helping me but with the stress of the last week I havent been feeling tickety boo. I love the idea that you have the love of your life maybe its not too late for me lol. Take care.


HI Julie 19 months for of now on mthx and still no improvement on those icky symptoms for me. MY rheumy has just prescribed me the injection form of it to see if that helps!


pleased you are tolerating side effects.. you are doing well.. thats one big dose 20mg... at 25mg PLUS they use methotrexte for chemotherapy.... that was its original use..... still used for chemo today for some rarer /more resitant cancer types..they will use 15/17.5mg methotrexate for child chemotherapy



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I switched from Mtx tablets to injections because of nausea and diahroea etc and tolerated it much better. It gave me another 18 months on the drug before my body finally said uh-uh and I had to switch to another treatment.

It's common to hold the belief that an unpleasant illness is some kind of punishment or retribution - but firmly send that idea away please! - rather be glad that when this happened you were in a loving relationship that could support you:-)

Genetics are involved. If not RA then your family may have other auto-immune disease in it (there are more than 80) whatever, you were vulnerable to it and a particular set of circumstances triggered it (the subject of much research - 'what switches RA on?'). I went to a talk at my local hospital about it and hadn't realised that you might not have RA in your immediate family but instead may have a cluster of other seemingly un related auto immune diseases.

Take care of yourself,

Cece x


I think the genetic link is true. Or is it called Polygenetic? when genetic suseptibility plus other triggers come into play eg environmental, stress etc to produce a disease in someone.

For example my father has hypothyroidism.

I developed hypothroidism. Then ITP ( a blood auto immune disorder) in which you develop an antibody with antigens to your own platelets. This caused a bleeding disorder and the need to have transfusions etc.

I then developed Crohns- colitis ( spent 11 days in hospital once bleeding)

when my sons were tiny. I had 80 bowel movements in 5 days not nice..... !! ( yeah I know too much information fiona!)

then when that waned. I developed Sjogrens syndrome and now Rheumatoid Arthritis.

I am hoping that I can take another treatment as methotrexate doesnt suit me.

Just on steroids at the mo..


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