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Covid Boosters - Will I get another soon?

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I had my last booster at the end of June, that's five jabs in all.. Are immuno-supressed people getting another soon?

My partner, who is not immuno-suppressed and has had three jabs, has an appontment booked for October, but I've not heard anything.

Does anyone know what's happening, please?

68 Replies
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Some of us have only had four so far so you’re ahead, just wait and you’ll be contacted if you require another I’m sure, as you have been so far 😊

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Notabenenot in reply to KittyJ

Thank you - I'm just a bit concerned - we've only recently abandoned using our masks!

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Neonkittie17 in reply to Notabenenot

Maybe your husband could ask when he goes for his, if you’ve not heard anything by then but hope you do. A friend of mine aged 57, not immunosuppressed and mild asthma which hasn’t been active for some years was invited for her second booster so it seems different areas again with different timescales, in general. I’m not even on the same timewarp for my vaccines, due to med side effects and zero Covid antibodies last year, so I’ll have my first booster in early October, 91 days after my third primary dose and at the walk in vaccine centre which is a major vaccine centre and where I had my other three this year, and then get further boosters as my immunologist advises. Good luck.

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Notabenenot in reply to Neonkittie17

Thank you. I'm in Wales, so things may be different here, but the service has previously been quite good. I'll probably get a letter soon!

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Neonkittie17 in reply to Notabenenot

We’ve had texts from our GP’s mostly in England. Hope you hear soon.

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oldtimer2 in reply to Notabenenot

From Wales:

I had to postpone my fifth (because of a high dose steroid injection) and the cetnral booking centre said they would contact me again.

It now seems to have been transferred to GPs - I have a flu and Covid booster booked for mid October with them, rather than the more distant regional centres that i have previously attended.

In view of this, I would be inclined to ask at your GP surgery?

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Garnacha in reply to Notabenenot

had my 5th 31st May & my autumn 6th! 🙄 boosterlast week (7th September, im in South Wales x

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bosun65 in reply to KittyJ

You should be able to book it through the NHS site. I booked mine that way and had the jab yesterday.

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KittyJ in reply to bosun65

Thank you but I don’t need to book it 😊

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Thans - I think I need to contact the local centre here. I'll give it a go.

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I’ve had 5 jabs (last end June like you) and hoping for my sixth in October. I haven’t been contacted yet by my surgery but I tried out the NHS booking system and it would have allowed me to book if I wanted to. But I’m so immune suppressed I prefer my surgery where they really look after me and all wear masks, as I do.

You could try doing that too but do put your masks back on if you’re in close proximity to others - infection rates are on the rise again!

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Neonkittie17 in reply to Lolabridge

Opposite for me as I have felt safer with my level of severe immunosuppression to go to the very spacious vaccine walk in centre which is at a local football stadium, so it’s a very large venue where everyone except those exempt wear masks. In my three visits everyone had a mask on. Masks don’t always happen at the GP surgery, as despite the staff and nurses/docs all wearing masks, many patients won’t.

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Notabenenot in reply to Lolabridge

Thanks for the headsup, Lolabridge. The staff at our GP surgeryare still wearing masks , too, but most of the patients are not. However there are very few people there when you go, and well spaced out.

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aliplayspiano in reply to Lolabridge

Yes, I had my 5th one at beginning of July (delayed due to having covid!) so not due 6th until October, but, like you, I tried out the booking system and it would have let me book. I’m trying to find out if my husband can book his 4th one due to living with immunosuppressed person as he had his last vaccine last October. He caught covid first from attending a conference for work and I caught it off him!

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You can book online without receiving an invitation. I think it’s the third question is ‘Are you immuno cromprimised?’ Household contacts can also book this way. The last question asks if you live with someone who is immunosuppressed.

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Notabenenot in reply to bpeal1

Yes, I had a look at our local health board's website, and could contact them if necessary. I think I'll wait and see what happens in the next few weeks!

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bpeal1 in reply to Notabenenot

The link above is the national booking system. It’s very easy and shows you all the places local to you that have appointments available.

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Garnacha in reply to bpeal1

The link says for England only

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bpeal1 in reply to Garnacha

Apologies. However, I believe the other nations have similar arrangements in place and I assume it can be found quite easily by googling it.

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Garnacha in reply to Notabenenot

I received a letter with the appointment about 2 weeks before so hopefully you should get one soon, everyone at the vaccination centre wore masks & you have to x

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just go online and book all ready for you if eligible.

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I just went on line and booked mine. I have never been ‘called’ on account of my immunosuppression. Just not in the system properly. You just need any letter from rheumy/gp saying you are on immunosuppressants /naming your drug. You can even just take a box of the drugs with you. Take a look on line. ‘Book a Covid’ job will bring it up on google.

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I’m in Scotland and getting it in 4 weeks time

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I went on and booked mine online , I missed out on the last one , so not waiting for my gp surgery . I don’t think I’m coded correctly . I’m

On biologic , methotrexate and steroids . Having my vaccine tonight so will take all my boxes and letters with me .

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I’ve had five, too. When I had my last one, the nurse said I need to wait until October for my sixth, to allow the three months. After three months you *should* be able to book online. At least this is what I was told. Hope this helps.

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Notabenenot in reply to Peacox

That's helpful. thank you. The GP's here are not doing them, it's the centres. I think after what everyone has said (and thank you all for your replies) I will book through the website, instead of hanging around waiting for them, as the system seems a bit hit and miss!

Thanks to everyone for their help!

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I got a text on Friday for an appointment Monday. I'm in Wales too. x

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I’m getting mine in October alongside my flu. My rheumatologist has advised the latest guideline is to stop my Methotrexate for two weeks. So I’ll be doing that. It’s my 6th vaccine.

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CagneysMum in reply to soundsofborder

Same here 👍

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Essexmelon in reply to soundsofborder

Mine said same about stop methotrexate but didn’t say whether the two weeks is before or after jab, or one week either side. Did yours give you advice?

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Gymcactus in reply to Essexmelon

Just been to see my rheumy this morning and he said to miss 2 weeks after vaccination with metho as long as you are stable.

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soundsofborder in reply to Essexmelon

no he didn’t actually, I was thinking I’m having my vacs on the Sunday, so if I stopped my Thursday before, and the Thursday after perhaps that would do the business, I’m going to ring my team and ask them if that’s ok. The clinical specialist nurses and the pharmacist on the team are really good.

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I had five, my rheumatologist at my y appointment in July informed me that I should be offered one 6 months after my last vaccination and included this in his letter to my GP. So I should be offered one in October.

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Having no. 6 today - at GP clinic

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You don't have to wait for an invitation if eligible. Just book on line. (See comments above). Got mine booked for later this month.

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Hi I would contact 119 whichis what i did when i stopped receiving letters or reminders to go after the 2nd or 3rd dose. When i went for my 5th jab i found that my 3rd one hadnt been recorded, so i hadnt received reminders. I then downloaded the nhs app/covid pass which showed me the records of my vaccines. Like you i had my 5th one in June so im going to contact 119 re the next one, whichvwill be the Autunm booster.

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I got a call from GP surgery yesterday saying they’re doing flu and covid jabs in October and would I like them. I’m going to pause mine for a while because I’ve just had pneumonia jab and immuno are doing tests and follow up bloods so don’t want the results to be skewed.

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I had a phone appointment with GP about something else on Monday & asked about an invite as my hubby who is same age as me with no underlying health conditions got his invite several weeks ago. GP just said they aren’t dealing with them, it’s random & I should hear soon. Great help. Later I went on my NHS app to look for some test results & noticed a comment from this GP saying. This patient seems to think she is entitled to a further vaccination & hasn’t had an invitation. Really annoyed at his attitude. I’m on Abatacept & also have 3 lung conditions. I had to arrange my 3rd & 4th through Rheumy & had them in a different trust 25 miles away. I have a Rheumy appointment in a few weeks so will ask then I think x

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Neonkittie17 in reply to Otto11

Oh my how insulting. I’d want to ask the rheumy to write to the GP saying you actually are (very!) entitled to the vaccine. If that GP knew about Abatacept and your RA they would not have put that in your patient notes. 😤 Some GP’s are very clued in and some not so. My rheumy team don’t deal with help re organising the vaccines but my rheumy writes letters for her patients to the GP to say they are high risk etc and need to have it as priority, She then sends copies of those to her patients to take for the extra dose/boosters. So does my immunologist. My GP App/online doesn’t allow us to see doctors’ comments (which may be a good thing at times!). Good luck. As others have said, you can go to a walk in vaccine centre with proof of your condition (consultant letter or box or prescription of your RA meds. ) Good luck.

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Otto11 in reply to Neonkittie17

They make me feel like a nuisance & making a fuss about nothing. I just want things to be correct it’s not asking too much. My husband has more access to things on the app than I have but dosnt want me to ask the surgery why in case it gets taken away from him. Some letters say unable to view on mine. Tbh our GP’s write a load of incorrect rubbish on mine. It really makes me angry. I asked at the surgery if they could alter the mistakes but receptionist told me no so I sent a message to my GP instead asking for certain errors to be changed & low & behold they were altered. On the whole it’s good though as can access blood results & letters that you may not receive a copy of. You could ask to view more see if it works x

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Neonkittie17 in reply to Otto11

Glad you got those things altered. Well done. I write letters to my GP when and if some consultants have got it wrong and misinformed the GP!I also do updates for them from my point of review after major reviews etc. I also ask for my own letters to go on my GP file too. I don’t like incorrect info being on my file either. 😤 I do get copies of all my consultant letters so that works well. The rheumy and immunology secs are really good too. They either email me or post or the printouts of blood results knowing the App won’t let me see much! x

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CallMeSunny in reply to Neonkittie17

My surgery adds to my digital notes after any ‘incident’ whether it’s of major or minor significance: after the death of my husband, the significance was noted as ’Minor’…….very upsetting to read. Of course, any incident that does require medication/follow up/ is no longer current etc could be regarded as minor…but my truly minor asthma (very rare) is marked as ‘major’.

Neonkittie17 profile image
Neonkittie17 in reply to CallMeSunny

Yes, it could be taken as offensive, I understand that. 😑. They do often get things a bit back to front re the level of our conditions. If it is a major mistake on a letter I will point it out. I had some dates wrong from one consultant and a blood test result wrongly typed to me recently which needed rectifying.

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Otto11 in reply to Neonkittie17

Thanks for response it helps to know I’m not alone in my way of thinking. it’s good that you can get your letters etc. I have managed to get most of mine from the app or copied in from hospital. I just like things to be correct which is how it should be. Take care xx

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Neonkittie17 in reply to Otto11

Me too as we want to know our medical records are correct. I ask when I go for my blood tests to my GP if I’m still coded correctly and my immunologist asks the GP to continue to code me, etc. He’s a stickler for getting things done correctly and he was upset a practice nurse I saw got shirty with me and said to me he’d sent me the wrong form. His secretary said it’s the right one and it wouldn’t allow him print it out if it wasn’t still valid! Exactly what I’d told the nurse nicely and said he’s in the main immunology centre, so he’ll know his own forms! She stomped around muttering. 🤷‍♀️ I chuckled to see in his update letter to the GP he sent a copy of to me when he said politely he did know which form to send!! 😝 LOL. Thank you and you too. xx

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Otto11 in reply to Neonkittie17

Good for him. Our GP’s could do with being put in their place once in while. It’s like Chinese whispers at our surgery too. But what can we do 🤷🏻‍♀️At least I know it is possible to change our records now so will continue to be a pain in the bum! 🤣 x

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Neonkittie17 in reply to Otto11

Yes you can never presume you’re coded correctly for example if you don’t ask! I find letters work best asking them to be scanned to my file and read by my GP as when speaking to people on GP reception I know they’ll be likely to forget as soon as they put the phone down! I don’t do this for everything but the major stuff I certainly do! x

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Otto11 in reply to Neonkittie17

Yes you’re right. Good idea x

Neonkittie17 profile image
Neonkittie17 in reply to Otto11

I prefer to do a letter for the important stuff as they don’t take emails from patients really at the GP practice and phone calls can get misinterpreted by the person you speak to. x

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Otto11 in reply to Neonkittie17

we can’t do e mails at our surgery either. We can send an online message or a written paper one x

Neonkittie17 profile image
Neonkittie17 in reply to Otto11

We have a message box to add on for extra script items but not allowed to email. I can understand why! LOL.

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Otto11 in reply to Neonkittie17

Yep can only agree 😄

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Notabenenot in reply to Otto11

I don't blame you for being anoyed!

Otto11 profile image
Otto11 in reply to Notabenenot

This GP knows my health conditions so don’t know what he put seems to think she is entitled etc. totally unnecessary. Makes me feel like I'm a nuisance 😡 x

Neonkittie17 profile image
Neonkittie17 in reply to Otto11

Please never feel like that. 💗

Otto11 profile image
Otto11 in reply to Neonkittie17

Thank you very much x

Neonkittie17 profile image
Neonkittie17 in reply to Otto11


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I had my 6th one yesterday went on NHS website and booked through them . Had a timed appointment at my local chemist went in no queue and very safe x

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I've just checked using the link and I'm able to book my 6th but I've messaged my GP surgery to see if they're arranging them this time as the centre they use is quieter and better organized than the others around here.

Jackie1947 profile image

Im immune suppressed with my 5 th jab coming soon. You only had the last one in June!

Chockyuk profile image

I’ve had 4, but I did have to chase my GP about the 4th, no one contacted me. I just went along to my local vaccination centre.

Connie49 profile image

Have a booking for my fifth early October, along with the flu jab.

hatshepsut profile image

I'm in Scotland, where it is organised centrally. My appointment is next week

CripLady profile image

You need to wait 91 days (at least) before your next one. I received a text at the weekend asking me to book one. There will be an initial rush, so it will be difficult to book one for a while anyway.

Notabenenot profile image
Notabenenot in reply to CripLady

Oh! that's good to know. I think ithas been that long now, will have to check.

AgedCrone profile image

I got an email from NHS (England) today…they said to call the nearest vaccination centre to book an appointment… can find your nearest clinic on line.

KASHMIRI1 profile image

l am in Hampshire and have had five covid vaccinations flu booked for October. They wont book my next covid vaccination until six months have elapsed.

Amb1xkr profile image

had my fifth on 7th alright and been asked to book sixth this week but had covid 6 weeks ago so not sure if I should wait?

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