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really appreciate some advice

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Had my 3rd jab after a lot of confusion .Should i stop my methotrexate and rinvoq for two weeks to help my immune system build some antibodies against covid or just stop my methotrxate I would really appreciate some advice as to what other RA patients are doing

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I think in the NRAS video they did on facebook with a rheumatologist (there is a link to it a few pages back on here i think) he discussed this subject. I cant remember what he said (sorry 😐) but I know the question was asked 👍

thank you much appreciated x

I did miss two doses after my third vaccine a fortnight ago.. just taken my 20 mg of methotrexate last night ... this was my decision , not medical advice, and your medics should advise you. I've not flared, yet, so 🤞and I was worried towards the end.

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yes it is a worry the thought of a flare i have been on Rinvoq for 4 months now and i am so much better,i will contact rheumo advise line ,thank you x

This is what the British Society of Rheumatology has to say Any decision to defer immunosuppressive therapy or delay vaccination until after therapy should be made with consideration to the risks of COVID-19 and those of the patient’s underlying condition. In other words it's patient-dependent, so you need to ask your Rheumy really I’m afraid, there's no hard & fast rule.

thank you for the reply and yes i shall contact my rheumo team cheers x

Please ask your rheumy as so many of us are on different combos of meds and many of us have comorbidities so what one person on this message board says is right for them isn’t necessarily right for you.

thank you so much for your advice x

My rheumatologist said no, just continue on meds. I'm on a JAK inhibitor, leflunomide and prednisilone.

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thank you x

Hi, I did give up my mtx 20 💉 for two weeks as asked by my doctor to.

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Was that one week before and one after the vaccine?

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Mine was for two weeks after, cuz I had a text from the doctors on the Thursday, phone to book same day and was given the jab on the Saturday so left it for two weeks after. Good luck.

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hi thank you so much for your timeand advice x

Hi, I was told by my rheumy nurse to stop my methotrexate for 2 weeks after Covid jab and flu jab. Hope this helps .


cheers yes very helpful x

I’m on Rinvoq. I was told by my RA consultant to stop taking the day before, day of and day after my third Covid shot. I was ill for a few days but nothing serious and now back up and running

Take a look at this video on the octave study Im also trying to find some of our earlier Facebook lives when it was talked about. Generally the advice was not to stop Methotrexate but Im not sure about rinvoq so do call our helpline and have a chat with them 08002987650

Try this video too but as I said do call our helpline for a chat

Hi Tracy thank you so much for the links so informative really helpful . I will definately be using this site for accurate information and guidance x

You're very welcome!

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