Off all Meds - what will it mean?

Hi Everyone,

Hav'nt been around for few days & going to Portugal tomorrow for few days. I knew it was going to happen both my daughters had it and my boss all have been in various throes of a bad throat/ headache/ fluish dose over last few weeks it was only a matter of time! So with only 2 days until my holidays I woke up with a viscious sore throat on Sunday night & ab had to go to work Monday & today, rang GP got anti biot, and have been told no Humira this week or methotrexate. Does anyone know in the short term ie going for a weeks holiday will I notice a difference??? Of all the bad damn luck, was looking forward to my humira and then to be off!!! Sorry for moaning I know I'm lucky to be getting a holiday at this time of year, but I feel so rotten, sniff sniff, drip drip,

croak throb!

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Oh Gina, sorry to hear you you are so unwell and right before your hols too!

Good news though, you shouldn't notice an immediate stoppage of the meds ... methotrexate can stay in the system for months and Humira for about 4 weeks. Fingers crossed you feel better soon and can get re-started quickly.

Hope your holiday isn't spoiled. Whereabouts in Portugal are you off to? I'm quite envious!

Lyn x


Hi Gina, yep, MTX can stay in the system for months like Lyn said. as for Humira same again a few weeks so you should be fine. Sorry about sore throat etc we have enough to cope with as it is. Just try and enjoy your holiday,perhaps that's what you need at the moment.

Take care and have a lovely holiday, Portugal is beautiful so enjoy.

Take care

mand xx


Hi Gina

I caught the Noro Virus on a hospital check up visit a few weeks ago and had to stop meds for the week. I only noticed a bit of a thick head (normal for me some family members would say)....other than that I just started MTX again when anti-biotics were finished.

Have a great holiday, and I am sure you will feel so much better once there.

Di x


Ah thanks girls am relieved that won't have immediate affect, phew could do without any flares! I am going to praia da luz ( where poor Madeleine McCann went missing) it is lovely and very quiet, we always go there. Glad I checked with doc as am only on Humira a year, every time I get a sore throat, I get a bit scared because of the effect these meds could have on my immune system. Have meds packed for all eventualities! Can't wait even though can't smell, taste or even hear properly! I will be on that plane regardless! Anyway you all take care of eachother and stay positive, if I see any internet access no doubt will pop on to say hello! Be good and if you can't be good be careful!. Slan



What is Noro Virus?


Noro Virus is the awful sickness bug that flies through the hospitals, shutting wards!!!

I went to hospital in morning for appointment, then to work, was fine one minute and felt dreadful all of a sudden. I lost nearly a stone in weight in a week, and felt like I wouldn't make it.

We all use the gel when we got through the doors at the hospital, but 1000's of people have actually pressed the car park entry ticket panel..............well that is what I think ;o) I now carry a small bottle of gel.


God, sounds awful! have heard of MRSA & staph infections,

but thats a new one for me, will be ultra careful next time I venture into a hosp. Nite.


Hi Gina

Have good break, runny nose and all. I am sure you will still have a good time and rest. We shall forgive you for running off the sun and leaving us... :-)

Julie x


yep.. fly off had a good time.. all pharmacies.. have english speaking pharmacists... uk uses lots of spanish and portuguese pharmacists... over there you can even buy antibiotics and anti nausea meds over the counter.. names are simlilar enough to recognise even if you dont speak portuguese.. take a supply of the usual anti inflams that use.. paracetamol. immodium, antihistamine tabs. cream, so you have stuff with you .. this is my retail pharmacy shopping list for people going abroad... small first aid kit too.., factor 25-30 too x.. go wish i was coming...


Have a good time!


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