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Has RA negatively impacted your relationships, intimacy, or sex life?

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If so, don’t miss the ‘Sexual RAlationships’ Facebook Live on Wednesday 15 September at 6pm. WRAP has secured sex and relationship therapist, Lohani Noor, who currently offers her expert advice on BBC Three’s Sex on the Couch, to provide support and advice to help you overcome challenges which you might face in sex and relationships.If there is a specific topic you would like Lohani’s advice on, then please submit your questions by email to: fundraising@nras.org.uk by the 10 September. The most frequently asked questions will be addressed by Lohani towards the end of the session. us02web.zoom.us/meeting/reg...

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😲 Oo-er, missus!! 😆

Putting my compression gloves on can feel so darn good who needs sex 😅

P.s don't tell my husband I said this ha ha .

🤣🤣🤣 Steady on now girl!! 😆


🖐🖐 😆

You've given us the hint now as to what works, we don't need to watch the live session now. Compression gloves it is


Apologies *bleaches that vision of me from your mind* 😅

Don't worry all gone 😉

Not ra but ibs. Stopped my sex life dead. How can one copulate and expel faeces at the same time? No one would risk it. No sex means no more babies and that was a tragedy. However, I am blessed with two gorgeous grandsons and multiple grandnieces and grandnephews so perhaps life is not so bad after all. Con amore Bx

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