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Morton’s neuroma

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I was just diagnosed with Morton’s neuroma, does anyone have this? The foot doctor says my feet are classic rheumatoid arthritis but my rheumatologist still says no. Tia

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Doesn’t really matter if it’s a Morton’s Neuroma…or just a neuroma…. treatment is the same…although a surgeon will want to operate & a Rheumatologist will just shrug!I had surgery on both feet for neuromas…it worked for a few years..but the discomfort has come back…surgeon says he will operate again if I want..but the nerves are damaged so it probably wouldn’t make much difference.

Oh my gosh my feet just ache constantly

Have you had any steroid injections? They work well for some..but I can’t take steroids.. so I shall probably have my right foot operated on again…but I will have pay for it..the NHS won’t operate if you have already had surgery.

I’ve not had injections in my foot however I’ve had them in my back and does not help

You take a chance..sometimes they are brilliant…other times they don’t work at all….you just have to take a chance I’m afraid.

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Steroid injection had once didn't work for. Long but I think I walkyom them too soon

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Yes it’s important not to squash the steroid out!

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Hi Hurting2012,Mine do too. It’s horrid isn’t it?

Ay yes. Keep having my little devils injected. it works - for a while. What is it about rheumatologists and feet? Its like they don't exist.

My husband had a Morton's neuroma on both feet. He doesn't have RA, you can get them without it. There is an operation you can have to get rid of them. It worked well for him. He has had the op on both feet.

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Hurting2012 in reply to Potatos

Did it affect the top of feet as well with pain

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He always said the neuroma was like a knife stabbing and turning inside his foot.

I was the other way round - myself and GP thought I had Morton’s Neuroma, orthopaedic surgeon sent me for MRI which showed I had changes leading to diagnosis of PsA.

What is psa

Psoriatic Arthritis - although I don’t have Psoriasis. I was in Saudi Arabia and was originally diagnosed with sero negative RA but after I was diagnosed with Colitis and returned to the U.K. the rheumatologist said that colitis often goes along with PsA and as my middle son has severe Psoriasis he believed I had Psoriatic Arthritis. It’s treated pretty much the same way as RA.

I did but had them removed and best thing. I did try orthotics which made them much worse so saw a surgeon and a small operation and painless foot. This was done twice as they can grow back and you can get steroid injections in the area but really its just putting off the surgery. I forgot to say any good doctor can hear and feel a Morton's 'click' when the toes are pulled its as good as the scan they do on the tootsies I was told.

My click and crunch and are definitely there I paid for a scan

I’ve had surgery on my right foot for Morton’s in February , I wish I could say it’s all gone well , but it hasn’t . It’s been a total disaster , I’m waiting for scans to see if they have not removed all of it or wether I have another one in the next toe space , it was really big and the left foot is as bad . The scar has got keloid scaring and that’s not settling . I’m not trying to scare you , but I’ve had major ankle reconstruction surgery in May on the same foot and as yet I still can’t do the physio’s exercise on this foot as it’s swelling like a football . I wish I’d left the whole thing I’m desperately waiting for scan to check all is structurally sound I’ll update you all then . I’ve cried like a baby and I’m not aloud any steroids until it’s scanned as it will cloud the results . Subsequently my hips and back are killing me . Sorry to moan 🥲

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Hurting2012 in reply to Nessa28

Wow sounds like you have a lot going on I do as well hips and low back problems and they haven’t done scans in my ankles but they hurt all the time as well. I hope you can ge some relief let me know what you find ou

Moan away. Sounds dreadful! 😕

I was diagnosed with one in my left foot and 2 in the right . A few years later I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis after my hands were effected . Looking back I had the arthritis for years . I think it’s more the arthritis, my feet started hurting again just before my hands flared and I was diagnosed.

if you have positive RA factor can you still have psoriatic arthritis

People tend not to be positive and it’s used to help rule out RA and diagnose PsA. Seems to be overlaps to me though, arthritis runs in my family but I am the only one who has PsA.

I was diagnosed with Morton’s neuroma a few years ago by a podiatrist. He altered my orthotics and made a raised lump under my toes in the affected foot. Worked wonders. It’s coming back a bit now so I’ll start wearing my orthotics again all day. Best of luck. X

I had pain in my big toe which was x-rayed and it wasn't arthritis.The pain went on it's own after a year.I then had a numbness in my fourth toe which is not painful but feels like a trapped nerve.I had ultrasound and it was Morton's Neuroma.I had a steroid injection a month ago but it has not made any difference.I use a spacer between my second and third toes and it's a lot better to walk

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I had Morton’s Neuroma for several months last winter prior to starting on biologics.

Fortunately as my RA came under control the pressure on the nerves in my feet reduced and I no longer have nerve pain (or any pain!) in my feet.

Sorry to hear this. I've mortons neuroma on both feet. Rhs diagnosed 6 months prior to RA diagnosis in Feb 2019. MRI scan showed large neuroma. I was in agony and could barely walk. The steroid injection didn't work. I was desperate for surgery but the podiatrist was adamant I gave the insoles a go. I was sceptical, but after 6 months they started to work. This also ties in with the RA drugs. But, if I wear shoes without insoles I can feel it. About 12 months ago I could feel one in my LHS. Due to lockdown I couldn't see my podiatrist so ordered some metatarsal pads on the internet and placed them in my other shoe. It did the job. So, I suppose what I'm trying to say, is give the podiatrist a chance, it worked for me. Surgery is no guarantee and they normally come back. Do I think it's tied up with the RA? Almost certainly. Good luck

Hi, I had a Morton’s neuroma before I had RA and was given a guided injection (not for the faint hearted) but it worked - even though the lady who gave the injection was doubtful and that was 3 years ago and it has not come back. Good luck with it

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