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Help and thoughts please!

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Hi,I’m new to this site! I have scleroderma, PBC, Sjögrens and hypothyroidism and fairly bad osteoarthritis. The scleroderma has left me particularly unwell. For the past 2 months I have had a positive rheumatoid factor in my blood work, and am waiting for the results of my anti ccp antibody test. I have also suddenly acquired hypertension having always been hypotensive, which is worrying me quite a bit. I am anxious that I might be heading for a 5th autoimmune condition, which is getting a bit much tbh, and I just wondered if anyone has any thoughts? Thanks!

14 Replies
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Just wanted to say hello and welcome even though I haven’t an answer to your question 👋

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Welcome from me and i hope there is someone who can answer your questions darling. xxx

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Welcome to the site, I am sure that someone will be able to identify with what you are going through. I too, have Sjorgrens, Rheumatoid, Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis, so can sympathise with you. Am facing another shoulder replacement and also a knee replacement . But, hey ho, such is life , 🙄

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Welcome. Sorry I can't be of much help but please keep posting. You can ask anything on here. If we can help we will or point you in the right direction for professional advice. You may just feel bad and want to tell us about it or vent your anger. Whatever, we are here for you. Love and best wishes.

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Thanks everyone,!

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I have RA , hypothyroidism and hypertension. The first on which appeared was hypertension, then i developed a goiter and subsequently hypothyroid then R A. When I ask why etc the experts say they dont know or its just one of those things, Just the way our individual bodies react and work. i dont have any answers for you , but I am sending supportive wishes and keep going 🙂

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madme1 in reply to Thingybob

I believe that's what idiopathic mean Thingybob, that the source is unknown.

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I don’t have an answer to your question, but welcome. Someone will be in your boat. Very best wishes.

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hello MissusTee, Life has challenged you quite a bit. I haven't got any immediate answers for you, but I thought I'll tell you that I live with RA since 2009 and since 2013/14 I am in remission and am able to lead an active enjoyable happy life. RA is never the end, it's the beginning of something different and in my case in many aspect something better. I wish you all the best.

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Hi MissusTee. I can't answer your question I'm afraid but just wanted to welcome you to the forum. x

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Thanks all, for the supportive words.

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Don't really have answer to your question MissusTee, but just wanted to say welcome.

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I've just noticed thingybobs history was similar to mine I started off with a goiter in my neck on my left side, but by the time they came to look at it, it had gone down so much they left it. Then I was diagnosed with hypertension about 12, years ago or more. Next for a long time I had all the symptoms of over active thyroid, but because one gland was compensating for another and i was just over the limit to be considered abnormal I could not have treatment for years and it affected me badly. The next thing im being told is that I have sudden onset Rheumatoid Arthritis at the age of 48. They believe the RA could have been the result of a long standing unknown infection in my gum. And there's a lot more evidence now to show that's how it can start.

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I’ve just been diagnosed with Mixed ConnectiveTissue Disease which covers some if your conditions. Can’t offer much other than this as I’m still waiting a face to face consultation with my rheumatologist along with some baseline tests.

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