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Now don’t laugh

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Here are something s I have knitted first time on my new hobby 🤣

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Brilliant. An essential piece of equipment. 😁which no doubt is much used . Better than a scarf x

Well done 👏

Well done Soundofmusic, hope you enjoyed making it and are going to continue to knit. x

Well done you proud of you. xxx

Thats really good, do you knitted phone cases 😁

They're simple to do. A baby's mitten (no thumbs) is just the right size for a phone


That's brilliant for a 1st effort , well done. 👍

Well done Soundofmusic, that really is good especially for a first time. x

And button holes too, well done 👏🏻

Looks very nice

Very good! I use a hwb with knitted cover. 👏

I never learnt to knit although my mum used to do it and my sister makes lace. I tried but my mum said I had two left hands and keep with the books. I think patterns look like Japanese ! x

Looks good nice colour. I find I can knit for a short few minutes now I've changed to using bamboo needles.

Awesome job! Is it a cover for a water heating pad? I envy your ability to knit. I used to knit when I was a kid. I tried learning again but my hands are too uncoordinated now.

Well done…I love it!!😘

That’s neat, very well done. I wish I could knit - over the years (I’m in my 70s now) I’ve done small knitting projects but I get a horrid burning pain in my shoulders when I knit and school knitting pretty much put me off for life. I managed one sock for a very deformed foot with help from my mother who then refused to help me turn the heel on the second sock, actually she was a fearsome woman who went to my school and told the headmaster she had had enough of me and my knitting and all she was interested I was me learning to read, write and count. She really was such an embarrassment for a very shy 11 year old. Unfortunately we tackled knitting first so I never got on to the sewing project which I could have done.

So we’ll done to you for completing your very first project 🏆

Twins 😁😁

Regarding your shoulder reaction to knitting, have you used round needles - these are two short knitting needles joined together by a length of plastic and are much kinder on your shoulders as your arms do not need to move so much to form a stitch. I could not knit with knitting needles now.

Well done!

Brilliant Christmas present for someone!

Great. Well done you.

Well done x

Well done. What a lovely hottie cover.

A promising start to a new hobby, brilliant.

👏👏👏great job

Well done you! I haven’t done any knitting for years as nothing I made looked anything like it should. I know what that is, so fantastic!

Great, and that is actually quite complicated. Have gone back to knitting which I haven't done for over 30 years. My downfall is always sewing things together after knitting them, so nothing gets finished. 😆 So you have already done better than me.

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MadBunny in reply to Wobbies

I hate the sewing things together. I've never been any good at it 🙄😁

well done can't imagine knitting with the way my hands are so I'm well impressed :D

Well done you, I can only knit scarves! 😊

Love it made me smile this morning, thanks you.

I love my hot water bottle in winter that would be perfect for me. Well done and thanks for sharing. You should be proud of yourself ❤

Love it!!

That is brrrrriillliant. You can have a whole new cottage industry starting there. Never mind not on the high street it could be not on the health unlocked. 😁

Awe …. Cute 🥰

Congratulations!👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💐This has also become my new hobby, takes me forever to finish but I enjoy the sense of achievement. Due to the fracture it will be awhile before I get back to it 🙂

really nice👌x

Ah beautiful and very handy x

Fantastic! Lovely color and cover for a hot water bottle. I think it is called?Great job. X

Sorry. I did laugh, but it’s adorable.

this is great! and you could even do this despite everything with your hands! Yahoo.

I can knit (but don't) and I fancied learning to crochet. So, I bought a book in the first lockdown called 'by the end of this book you will be able to crochet'... err right ok... not even opened the book yet ha ha ha!

That's cool, all hobbies are pretty amazing I guess

Update with my knitting I have progressed to hats bags cushion covers I have amazed myself socks slippers taking order s 🤣🤣only joking stay safe everyone x

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