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I have had terrible pain in my right boob,could this be ra or fibro. It keeps moving.

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Hi Sylvi

I had the same thing just before Christmas, i went to see my GP and he refered me to brest clinic. After various tests and scans it was put down to my M.E. so i think you could put i down to R.A or Fibro but to be on the safe side i would get i checked out

Thanks,i will. xx

Hi Sylvie

Could it be costochondritis? I had what sounds like a very similar thing and GP and Rheumy said it could be fibro, or could be costochronditis. But be safe and get it checked.


gpd sylvi i hope you get this sorted, have you tried any pain gel to get some relief? all the best x

It has settled down on its own thank you. As have been said before it was probally the mamogram and all the prodding about that had caused it.