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Hi all, I need a bit of advice.....

I’ve been having a lot of pain in my neck, shoulders and hands. This has been going on for about 6wks. I’ve been backwards and forwards to the GP, phone calls only, and I still feel it’s unresolved. I’ve had a steroid injection which hasn’t made a huge difference, and now I’m on naproxen.

I’ve been offered a course of oral steroids and I’m thinking of taking them up on this offer. I’m due a rheumatologist appointment in April but haven’t heard anything as yet. Everything seems more difficult at the moment with the corona virus.

So, should I take the steroids or wait for the appt? The pain is getting me down 🙁

Help! Ta x

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I would be tempted to take them. Whether or not they work could be helpful diagnostically as will indicate to rheumatologist if this is inflammatory or mechanical.

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Sjhoney in reply to helixhelix

My CRP is slightly raised so I think it’s inflammation but I’m so weary with the pain. It’s worse at night 😩

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helixhelix in reply to Sjhoney

I hate taking oral steroids, so only do when things are bad. But then it’s like having a pain holiday - so give yourself a break and try them!

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Sjhoney in reply to helixhelix

I’m actually ok with it tbh. Life’s too short to be in pain 🙄xx

Morning 🙂If it were me, I'd take the course of oral steroids. Your call though. It should give you some relief - good luck 😊

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Sjhoney in reply to Moomin8

Yes I think I’m leaning that way, need some respite. Thanks 😊

Yes I agree with the others. Take the steroids to try to get some relief now. As hh says if they help it will confirm to your consultant that you had an inflammation problem.

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Sjhoney in reply to Lolabridge

I’m going to do that but there are no appts left today 🙄. Will try again tomorrow 👍

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LoneEra in reply to Sjhoney

You could just ask the receptionist to pass the message to the doctor that you’d like the steroids prescribed. Then they can send the prescription to your local pharmacy electronically. You may not actually need an appointment as such. Hope the steroids do the trick for you x

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Lolabridge in reply to Sjhoney

Do you need an appointment to get a prescription if the GP has already offered steroids? Ring the receptionist and ask for her to pass on a message to the GP to say you would like the prescription straight away.

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Sjhoney in reply to Lolabridge

That’s a good point, I’ll do that. Thanks x

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