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Low neutrophil count!

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Hi, I got my Pfizer vaccine almost 2 weeks ago and was getting my routing bloods done as I’m in methotrexate and Tocilizumab. Dr rang to say neutrophils were just below boarderline at 1.5. Does anyone know if this could be related to the vaccine or my treatment? I have been feeling a bit tired since I got the vaccine. Many thanks for any help!

17 Replies
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The vaccine is unlikely to lower your neutrophil count, whereas low neutrophils are often found with RD treatments, people with RD sometimes have a low neutrophil count for unknown / idiopathic reasons. I've had a low neutrophil count since I was diagnosed 4 years plus ago, advice to my rheumatologist from the haematologist was that my count could drop to 0.5 before alteration to treatment would be advised. I hover around 1.4 with no major infections 🤞 and fewer coughs / colds than almost everyone I know 🙂🤞

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Florida100 in reply to Mmrr

Really appreciate you taking the time to reply. Didn’t think it was as a result of vaccine but I have been especially tired since getting it 2 weeks ago! Glad you can still continue on with treatment and yes, it’s prob more to do with the treatment I’m on as opposed to the vaccine!

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Endless in reply to Florida100

Sorry to learn your neutrophils are low. I had a similar experience a few weeks ago. Mine were 1.2. I was told to stop my Leflunomide and Humira. Then they repeated the test one week later and they’d risen to 2.4. So I was told to restart my drugs. I had another blood test and then my neutrophils were over 7, higher than they should be. The main thing is to talk with your Rheumatologist it is probably just temporary.

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Florida100 in reply to Endless

Really appreciate your reply and that’s reassuring, thank you

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Gilliancheche in reply to Mmrr

That is such a relief. My neutrophils hover between 1.2 and 1.5. I have blood tests every 2 weeks as everyone is worried. Am on 20mtx. 🤞I do not know why, I just eat healthily take B12 and hope one day the numbers will go up!

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Florida100 in reply to Gilliancheche

Gillian, thanks so much for your reply. Yes it can be worrying when the neutrophils are low but good you are getting your blood works done on a regular basis and really hope they get back to normal soon!

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Hi unfortunately this is a downside of the meds we take. Mine fluctuate on a regular basis, ( I’m on methotrexate and Humira). Rheumy asks me to come off the methotrexate for a few weeks, repeat blood test and then resume meds. It’s just one of the many side effects that come with the joys of RA sadly.

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Florida100 in reply to Sarahg62

Thanks Sarah for taking the time to reply! Yes, strong meds we are on and just need to be careful!

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Hi . Yes often with my RA therapy I get the call your white cells are lower so dint have whatever it is they want to stop for a week or whatever. Interesting though our wbc only go to a lower therapeutic level for RA not as low as say cancer treatments. But yes you still have to follow their advice and if you go on nras.org.uk theres advice on being careful with say shellfish and unpasteurized cheeses like say when you're pregnant!!!

Its coincidental you had the jab I feel. But yeah that with your rheumy of course xxx

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Thanks so much for taking the time to reply. I have been off treatment for 2 weeks as advised by my rheumatologist after I got the vaccine. My dr was interested to hear about this and said it could be as a result of the vaccine but not sure. Thanks again for your reply!

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MTX occasionally lowers my neutrophils.

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Florida100 in reply to BoneyC

Thanks for reply, getting my bloods redone in a weeks time so just praying they are up!

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BoneyC in reply to Florida100

Fingers crossed 😀

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Hi, I had a call from my GP this evening. I had a blood test 8 5his morning and she was worried about some of my blood results. My neutrophils are 1.5 and my white blood count is 3.8. I am on Tocilizumab and 22.5 methotrexate.

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Florida100 in reply to Moomin8

Hi, sorry to hear about your blood results. My neutrophils tend to be low and I think it’s probably because of the Tocilizumab. My white blood cells tend to be around 4. I would probably get in touch with your rheumatologist nurse and seek the advice from rheumatology.

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Moomin8 in reply to Florida100

I called my clinical nurse and left a message this evening. I imagine I'll have to stop something for a while.

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Florida100 in reply to Moomin8

My neutrophils have been as low as 1 and the consultant has been ok as long as they didn’t go below 1. Hope you hear from your nurse soon!

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