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Vaccine side effects if you aren’t on immune suppressants


I am having my vaccine tomorrow and have heard the side effects are the immune system kicking off. Given I don’t take immune suppressants at the moment is my system likely to go into over drive and give me problems. Has anyone had any issues?? Thanks.

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It’s very much luck of the draw. Both my sisters have had their jabs with zero side effects and they are on no drugs at all. I am on MTX and a biologic and had a very “lively” reaction!

But the effects are generally quite manageable and short lived, so I wouldn’t worry too much.

Had none whatsoever.. as helixhelix says hit & miss some do some don’t but they do say with side effects is that it is a sign it’s working .... maybe mines not working 🧐 lol

Hi Essex, My hubby asked this at his vaccine on Wednesday on my behalf and was told quite reassuredly by the senior physio and nurse on vaccine duty it doesn’t mean it isn’t working if you don’t have a reaction Or much of one. Whatever response we make will be better than not having the vaccine but I know what you’re saying as I had only what I consider a mild response. x

Data shows very few side effects. Sore arm , possible tiredness or fever . I got a sore arm which passed quickly x good luck tomorrow

Thanks for your responses

My Dad isn’t in any medication and he had a reaction as did I and I’m on mtx and a biologic. But my uncle (dad’s brother) who also is on no medication had no side effects apart from a sore arm. So it really does seem random who does and doesn’t get them.

Me too. Had mine Tuesday, a little sore the next day and felt fine.

I wouldn’t take notice of what you have heard.everybody’s body is different.I had the Pfizer vaccine and just gave me sore friend had the Oxford vaccine and was quite ill but another friend had no issues

SID123 in reply to Fra22-57

Hi Fra22-57 do u think both vaccines might have caused the different symptoms?

Fra22-57 in reply to SID123

Just spoke to another friend who had the Oxford one and she had same symptoms and other friend who had it.They were both very shivery but fine next day.few side affects worth freedom eventually thou

No had it , felt a bit sick feeling soon went all fine.

Far better to take the side effects over the dreaded covid! So go for it and good luck x

Thank you for all your comments. I had the AZ vaccine yesterday and had a weird whoozie nights sleep but feel fine today. Feeling blessed 😁

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