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MTX and Benepali and Covid-19

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Have been thinking of stopping mtx and benepali for a while to increase my immune system due to the rise in cases. I’m staying at home, but I’m much more worried now than I was back in the summer. Has anyone else had similar thoughts.

8 Replies
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No. The advice from NRAS and the British Society of Rheumatologists hasn’t changed. Active disease is more of a risk for you getting severe covid than the drugs.

Taking your drugs won’t particularly increase your chances of actually catching covid. However, evidence so far is also showing that if you do catch it then taking a drug like benepali means you are less likely to end up in hospital.

It’s hard not to be in control of this, and we all want to try to protect ourselves. But stopping drugs isn’t a good way to do it. If you are staying at home, then better would be to do a home work-out every day to keep your heart and lungs in good nick if you don’t already exercise.

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Thank you for advice. I do struggle as I can barely walk due to OA in hips and knees but I do as much as I can by housework. I have missed my swimming this year.

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Thanks to a recommendation on here I’ve start Mr Motivator daily dozen, and he always has his wife showing how to do the exercises from a chair. Only about 10 minutes and he makes me laugh....

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Hi Teresa,These are truly crap times particularly if you aren’t very mobile...HH gives good advice re meds etc.

This link to a gentle chain yoga routine which might give you a different focus for some of your day and help you to feel more upbeat

All the best


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teresa2711 in reply to Ali_H

Thank you very much for the video. I will definitely give it a go

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That is not a good idea.Your drugs CONTROL your immune system....stopping them will likely cause you pain & inflammation & make you more likely to infections....which at this point in time could have dire results.

Always speak to your doctors before messing about with your medication.

If they thought stopping both Mtx & Benipali would be beneficial...that is what they would do,

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Nooooo .. not such a good idea to stop the RA meds as you will be likely become unwell from uncontrolled R.A. I’ll not say any more as I’ve just seen HH’s post and I’m singing from the same carol sheet as her! x

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Thank you all for your comments I’m continuing on the meds. Happy Christmas to you all 🎄🎁🎄

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