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My son took this photo yesterday of his girlfriend

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WOW that is

Wow where’s that ??

J1707 in reply to Soundofmusic52

Banff in Canada

Robin0 in reply to J1707

I loved going to Banff- the Rockies are so majestic and the lakes...

J1707 in reply to Robin0

Never been ... but one day😁



What a great pic. Don't think I’ve seen anything quite like that before. It deserves to be blown up & hung on the wall.

Wow wow and wow again....beautiful xx

Beautiful thanks for sharing x

Lovely, but I bet her bum was cold!

J1707 in reply to helixhelix

Yes but she said a cool picture was worth a cool bum 😂

Oooh wow, what a gorgeous shot, it's beautiful, such lovely scenery. Lucky pair! Thanks for sharing.

J1707 in reply to springcross

Yes should have done this when I was younger.. ahhh hind sight . I have some more put I haven’t downloaded them yet .

springcross in reply to J1707

I'd love to see them when you've done that as I'm sure others will too.

Lovely effects!

The sort of image every photographer wishes they’d taken. It’s amazing.

What a beautiful picture - thanks x😊


Wow fantastic

Wow, absolutely stunning!!

So beautiful, well done to both 😀


Wow! Absolutely stunning! 😍

Wow! Stunning!



That’s really stunning - does he have an agent?

J1707 in reply to MissMinto

No he only took up photography last year. I think a few organisations have asked him to collaborate but he hasn’t given me any details. He came to this quite late he’s 30 . Gave up everything and went to Canada 3 years ago fell in love with the place and now trying to get residency.. it takes time

What a fantastic opportunity! Love the coat! Snow expected here on Friday but it never looks like that!

It's beautiful ❤️

Absolutely beautiful ❤

Gorgeous. Very professional. The light is amazing. Is she sitting on ice? How did he achieve the light around her bum?

J1707 in reply to Biofreak

How you doing B?

She’s sitting on a frozen lake ( very cold bum) with powerful torches . Wish I be there but the trek to get there would finish me off 😂

Biofreak in reply to J1707

You and me both! 😁

So beautiful x

Fabulous photo 🙌 well done to yr Son xx

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