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Medic Braclet



Is anyone wearing a medic bracelet identifying RA?

If you have, what have you got engraved on it please.


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Sorry Tiverland no, but I just wanted to say what a beautiful little cat, she/he is so sweet. Lucky you. xx

She’s a handful, but is getting me through this Covid thing. Thanks

She really is gorgeous. xx

Same as springcross - I don't have one I'm afraid, but I do love your little kitten!

Tiverland in reply to dawkin_S

Thank you

Not sure if any exists and definitely no but my son said put in mobile under ICE as paramedics do look on the mobiles to see if any data.


Egpa in reply to medway-lady

Hi, also remember to fill in your details on the profile in your phones contacts for hospitals, doc, paramedics .

medway-lady in reply to Egpa

Thats ICE in case of emergency.

Egpa in reply to medway-lady

No it's the first thing in your contacts list filled out with all your medical issues and meds, blood group, emergancy contacts. Its called profile. Might be called different things mine is a Samsung, it can be opened even if your phone is locked in an emergancy.


What a little fluffy darling you’ve got there!

Sorry I don’t have a medic alert bracelet but I’ve listed all my ailments and medication on my iPhone instead and I take it everywhere with me.

Tiverland in reply to Lolabridge


I wear one of their bracelets. When I ordered it somebody phoned me to help sort out the details.

I had typed a lengthy reply to you but when I went to get the MedicAlert link I lost my reply but their website should tell you all you need to know.

Hope this helps.


Tiverland in reply to thelmar

Thank you

I have an sos necklace but not because of RA it’s because of meds I take.

Tiverland in reply to KittyJ

Good idea thanks

I did for 3 years, during that time I was in and out of hospital and they never even looked at it. When I mentioned I had RA they said it didn't matter (even when I was rushed in as an emergency and given medication).

Tiverland in reply to JulezH


That is the absolute cutest little kitty ever. So gorgeous.

I wouldn’t have thought of an SOS bracelet for RA but I sure if you’re u pay fir one then there’s no reason why you can’t have one for anything you sure the companies that deal with them will let your u know if it’s worthwhile.


I have it on my iPhone, available to any EMS person and 911/999 worker with list of conditions, doctors:phone#, medications, allergies and POA/emergency contacts. It is available even if my phone is locked.

As a former EMT, we were trained to look ok for them. I recently read statistics saying current EMS workers overwhelmingly were more likely to look for a bracelet over a necklace. I think the exception to this is the new lanyards and other more noticeable ones that are always outside of clothing.


iPhone is a great idea, but how can a medic see this if my phone is locked? Where would you store this Info on the phone for easy access?

bpeal1 in reply to CagneysMum

Here is some information from Apple about the medical ID.

Unless you turn the feature off (default is on!) all they have to do is press the home button to bring up the page where you enter your passcode. At the bottom it says ‘emergency’. Tap on it. It then brings up the phone keypad which can be used to dial 999 below this it say medical ID. Tapping here allows them to see your stored medical data and any emergency contacts you have set up.

Tiverland in reply to bpeal1

Thank you all done

Thank you, I will look into that

I have a Medic Alert bracelet. It has my medical conditions and my medication engraved on the back. It also has your Medic Alert ID number on the back. When you buy the bracelet you register all your medical info and contacts etc so that should you end up in hospital the hospital can contact them and get your information. You can also easily update this with them should your medication etc change. They do a large range of jewellery now not just bracelets and they quite often have a discount code.

P.S. your kitten is super cute

Tiverland in reply to Ruby2002

Thanks I will look into this.

My kittens name is Abby, she is a nightmare towards my other beautiful tabby though. But she is so loving towards us

Reeceregan in reply to Tiverland

I have the same as Ruby2002. I recently had a new medication added and an existing one stopped. Rather than buy a whole new bracelet or even a new tag, all I had to do was return the whole thing, they buffed off the old writing and re-engraved the new. It’s much cheaper this way.

I should have explained that you return it to Medic Alert. Just contact them first and they talk you through it.

I have my medications (and my husband's) on Keep Notes on my android phone but I don't lock it so that isn't an issue. My husband's mobile number is under ICE.

Gorgeous kitty 😍

Tiverland in reply to Boxerlady

Thank you

I love your little pussycat Tiverland. No i have no idea either.xx


I have ICE on my phone and due to penicillin reaction I have a RA and penicillin alert necklace too

I have two identity medical items - a medical bracelet that has RA and Meniere's Disease and a medical necklace with a large disc that says IPF, IBD and Organizing pneumonia. Given that I have several chronic and one terminal illness it is imperative that anyone who finds me knows what my health is like. I suggest strongly that you make others aware of your RA and any other issues should you have an accident of any sort. My alerts have saved me three times so far over the past 10 years.

Tiverland in reply to DeeSending

Thanks for the info

Good idea I am going to look into that as I have other health issues but where do I start I will have a go ,kitty is gorgeous x

Tiverland in reply to Zephre

I’ve put all my details on my mobile now. Phone does not even need to be unlocked. Accessed through emergency key. Might look into a bracket at a later date when I am abroad though.

Kitty is a handful but cute . Thanks

Zephre in reply to Tiverland

Ok doky Thanks I may do that too just for now x

Yes I have one that I mostly wear while on holiday. I have "Methotrexate user" printed on the underneath. Hope this helps

❤❤❤ Beautiful little kitty.

I have 2 that i wear never take off. 1st one is 20 yrs old i have a SEVERE latex allergy. 2nd one i have had for 3 yrs as i take prednisone methotrexate and humira it says " rx immunosuppressed ",my sister got them for me she is an oncoligist and said i should have them..i do have everything on my phone as well.

Hi Tiverland, love your cat I have 2 cats. Yes I wear a medic bracelet, it lists most of my health issues but I have so many I have to carry in my wallet the list of meds along with RD information and the infusions I have. I am on blood thinners and diabetes so I have to have all that information as well. I think it is good to wear one as it is what the paramedics look for. Mine does advise to look for the list of all my meds.

I wear one but for anaphylactic reactions never thought about RA. Lovely kitten and lovely view x

Yes, I have a medic alert bracelet. Mine has RA written in it as well as the fact that I’m on steroids & Rituximab as these are important things for emergency personnel to know should they need to treat me & I’m not conscious. I also have a full knee replacement & multiple myeloma so that’s on there too. My specialist told me that I need to carry an alert card for the steroids & Rituximab so it made sense to put it on my bracelet.

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