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Off topic - Press and Media hyperbole...


I feel so sad for all the students who turned up for what should have been a really positive and exciting step towards independence. A time to build on the foundations of their education and prepare for their careers...

The press are adding to the anxiety that many will be feeling by suggesting, without foundation or reason that students may be locked in over Christmas! How dare they really, it is spreading fear for the sake of headlines. I am all for free press and all that goes with democracy, but sometimes I despair of the lack of morality and ethics not to mention humanity and care.

The world, right now, feels uncertain for us all. Kindness and compassion could underpin our Headlines and Bylines, wouldn't that be a nice change...

Go gently...

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Well put 👏👏life is difficult enough as it is

I find it very telling that there is all this fuss about students.

I don’t remember the media giving the same attention to all those who have been shielding for the last six months..unable to see their families or leave their homes.....thus

protecting themselves & the community.....from the virus.

Unfortunately, a certain number of students refused to accept the fact that Covid needs to be treated with respect......defied requests to not go carousing....gathered in pubs & clubs & ignored social distancing.......thus the authorities acted........the students are now learning that defying something called a Pandemic has consequences.

Before anyone asks... this is not sour grapes...I did not have to the majority of people I am just being careful...& it’s not much the students are now fInding out .....adulthood carries responsibility.

Brushwork in reply to AgedCrone

Can’t actually disagree.

Things are difficult and different for us all

Mmrr in reply to AgedCrone

My heart goes out to our young people, the mess with exam results, then being actively encouraged to come to campus and into halls at huge expense for rent, when the universities knew the majority of learning is online, that no freshers would happen, no sports, groups, no social nothing.

The scientific modelling indicated a spike in Covid 19, specifically with first year students in the halls. Yet they were still actively pursued to move in, and no support/plans put in place.

My daughter lectures at a University in Scotland affected by the Covid 19 outbreak and has known since June she won't be doing any f2f teaching, initially till January 2021, but now informed until this time next year. The disregard for student welfare, whilst (rightly) protecting staff is abhorrent.

I did shield, and felt safe and protected by Scotgov. the care, food parcels, pharmacy deliveries, text messages, letters , daily televised updates, support help lines were second to none.

But most of all I was in my own home and not actively pursued to move into a small room to socially isolate at great financial cost. All I had to do was stay in the comfort of my own home.

In Scotland our young folks attend University at barely 17 years old, often their first experience of being away from home. I imagine it would be quite scary locked (yes) in a student flat, finding out much of what is happening via the hyperbolic news outlets, with limited amounts of food, no access to shared resources (cloth washing for example), many police and security guards on campus standing outside the main doors preventing the students leaving (do we live in a police state ? Can the police and security guards legally prevent people leave a building ?). The University learning platform initially was not working so no online learning could take place ( my daughter was just about pulling her hair out trying her best to offer support, with no IT lecturing ability).

The Universities put taking accommodation rent over student welfare, and did not prepare for the inevitable.

I don't mean to be challenging AG, but our situation of shielding does not compare.

Brushwork in reply to Mmrr

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Completely agree.

AgedCrone in reply to Mmrr

Hi Mmrr...I know nothing of the study/teaching arrangements....that is for NS / Uni heads etc to sort out.

My point was purely that everybody has been asked not to gather in pubs & not to ignore social distancing ....For good reason.

Had the students taken a few bottles of wine back to their digs & partied....the social lock down situation could largely have been avoided.

I was listening to one of the students on the radio this morning and apparently they can get food and any 17-year-olds I know it wouldn’t really be bothered about laundry.....

Maybe your experience of shielding doesn’t compare ....but there are many lonely old people with no family and nobody able to help them shop .....who went through very bad times at the beginning of the shielding experience. You may remember some.... ..young & old......who wrote on here they could not get supermarket deliveries when some were on their last slice of bread.

I hope the students come to realise when they look back they at least partly contributed to the lockdown situation they find themselves in.....the study arrangements do appear to need sorting out....presumably each college will make their own arrangements.

Good job 18 year olds in the military don’t behave like this...they would probably be be-headed!

Mmrr in reply to AgedCrone

We have all had a difficult time, some more than others, but to blame young people is just not right.

In my family for example, my 3 children and 2 nieces and nephews have been exemplary in following guidance. Are they fed up with it, yes...but they still abide with what is asked of them as do most of their friends and colleagues. All 5 have worked, mainly from home throughout the pandemic, so have thankfully been financially spared.

My mum and 2 older relatives are not just gung ho, but have demonstrated completely unacceptable behaviour during Covid 19, whilst running down others, and make jokes about dying of Covid. Two of them are educated and worked in the NHS, one was the chief executive for a Scottish health board, he has a clinical background, my aunt a practice manager for a large GP practice.

I live in a retirement complex of 30 houses, the behaviour of many, if not most of the other residents is shocking. So much so I eventually contacted our factor 2 weeks ago, without naming names, of those breaking guidance and lodged a general complaint about the overt disregard of the health of others. We have now all received a letter outlining government guidelines and what it means for us. I'll see if it makes any difference.

In my view, no 18 year old should be in the military, they know little of life or why they are fighting older people's battles. Being cannon fodder is not something I believe we should uphold as in anyway good or useful for our young people.

Neonkittie17 in reply to Mmrr

You speak so eloquently and sensibly and I applaud you for that. 👏👏👏

It is a mess maybe should have been canceled or put off for a few months ir is a mess ,the Christmas issiues as well do not know why they are bringing that up the now ,the other issiues there has been complete disobedience to the law and restrictions in England and Scotland many students obeyed this last week and a few days ago ,some students in scotland and England phoned paul nolan radio 5 many haveing parties all weekend corriders where full students banging on doors saying we are going to give you coronaviris all drunk ,and students deliberately putting fire alarms off ,this is wot hass been happening on the ground ,and we all obey and cannot even visit sick relatives, maybe instead of security guards they should have expelled for good the ones that have caused all this ,the police have moved in as the law has been broken and complete disobedience the the restictions

AgedCrone in reply to Ajay575

With a bit of luck maybe the really stupid students will realise that being an adult is not all the fun they thought it was going to be?

We all know kids will be kids...but even adults are refusing to toe the line until some sort of control of Covid is achieved.

Until that happens we are at the mercy of those who make the decisions...& everyone is going to suffer for what idiots do.

Mmrr in reply to Ajay575

It sounds like the shenanigans of the older people around me. Sharing benches in our shared gardens, sharing bottles of wine, nibbles, in and out of each others houses, several friends and family visiting at the same time. No social distancing, no masks.

6 of my neighbours put up a gazebo to sit under, all individual households, all fooling around, no distancing, no masks. The gazebo being 30 foot or so from my back door. That's when I reported the behaviour to our factor. In Scotland none of the above is permitted.

The point is people from all walks of life and ages do not abide by guidance.

AgedCrone in reply to Mmrr

I just tried to reply but it disappeared .....I think that tells us everything it will all disappear in the end!

Mmrr in reply to AgedCrone

It will indeed it is all an increasingly wearisome waiting game.

Ajay575 in reply to Mmrr

Yeh it is all over the breaking rules ,the students did seem to get all the blame the last week not fair there ,this 10 pm pub rule as well with all the dancing in the street they are going to get all the pubs closed down soon

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