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I have what i think is a ganglion on the back of my hand but i,ve now noticed that i have a swelling at the end of my wrist also.Has anyone had the same thing and what was done about it,

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My wrist yes I’m sure I posted a picture awhile back. It was huge and pushed my hand out at an angle. I had it drained but they were not optimistic that would not return but 3 years later all good

I've had what I thought was a ganglion cyst on the back of my hand for a long time, a pair of the blighters actually, but when my rheumy looked at it, I only had one back then, she said it was a synovial cyst. I don't think there's much difference between the two. Think my rheumy said it was best left alone if it's not troubling me. They are troubling me now but not enough for me to have something done.

J1707 in reply to wishbone

No they are pretty much the same so I’ve been told

They don't matter unless they are getting in the way, or pressing on something else, so leave them alone.

wishbone in reply to oldtimer

I think mine must be pressing on the nerves or something as I'm getting sharp electric shock type pains, which seem to eminate from the cysts. No cysts on the back of my left hand but I'm getting similar pains there but nowhere near as bad. The rheumy nurse I recently spoke with on the phone thinks it could be carpal tunnel in both wrists. I need to be careful not to do too much with my hands or the pains get worse.

I think it’s exactly what you describe. Although as you know my electric hand shocks come when my R.A. is trying to creep back.

I haven't but my husband had one removed from his wrist a couple of years ago. It was irritated by his watch so got sore. It was day surgery.

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