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ShieldingIf you’re shielding when is it okay to go and visit your family and stay overnight I’ve had a letter from the government saying the 1st of August has anybody else had one thank you

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Yes , I got it and if you go on it says you can visit one other household in England from july 6th I think

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it says you can meet up to 6 people outside whilst maintaining social distancing.

Im sure the staying over night is only if your single and live alone or lone parent with chidren you can stay over night ,as above have a look at the government website

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What if you can't read the government website and need to test your eyesight....sorry Ajay, I couldn't resist my dear, you've had me in stitches recently and I can't thank you enough! 😂✨🌠🧙Magic!!

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Ha ha 😊

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No I out up anotherpost

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Yes I got mine last week. Do you live alone?

If you don't you can go shopping, see people but maintain distancing. It doesn't mention going into others houses.

If you live alone and have a support bubble you can stay with them or them with you overnight.

I would like to stay with family too, I haven't seen my Mum who is 80 since January but I can't.

I live alone and have been shielding.

My parents are two hrs away and have been shielding.

We have decided that they are going to come to me via their own transport to stay for 3 nights. They are able to drive but both elderly and need a break from being stuck at home.

Although I have been very strict with shielding, as have they, it is only advisable to shield and not law. But I think the water muddies about about staying overnight. I won't be breaking any laws because I live alone.

Hope that helps.

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You can be their bubble and they yours. It will be lovely to spend time with them. Let us know how it goes.

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Thank you, that's the idea.

Unfortunately I can't go to them because bI can't drive at the moment for medical reasons. But at least they can come to me.

I'm hoping they will take me out for a drive!

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Oh that would be nice, you could park up somewhere scenic with a picnic. Hubbie has taken me for a drive today to see the sea. It's only 10 mins for us.

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Do you live alone?

I think you will be able to stay overnight or they will. It’s good that both you and your parents have been shielding too. If they drive then they aren’t going to be in contact with strangers.

I’m not shielding but I know I’d want to know exactly what the people in the bubble I’m in have been doing before I let them into my bubble.

Our son came up to visit at the weekend. He wouldn’t stay overnight although I think he could have. He lives alone, he isn’t shielding but he only really goes out for food and wears gloves and a mask.

I hope the sun shines for you and you all have a lovely get together. ☀️

Thank you.

I have checked vwoth my local authority and I am not breaking any rukes as I live alone. We are forming a bubble. It's only that all three of us are shielding and have been since early March. So technically we are not following guidance, but not breaking any laws. I just think Mum needs a break and to have a few meals cooked for her instead of her doing all the work.

Dad can be on washing up duty!!

We'll stick together and won't go anywhere apart from walks. We're all being very careful about it all.

I’m sure you are all being very careful and I think you will all really benefit from a get together, so have a very good time.

I have had the letter too and have been sheilding since March with one little blip 2 weeks ago when my family came in afternoon as I was getting more and more depressed.

The funny thing is since my diagnosis 3 months ago my RA and had raged out of control and I have had to visit the hospital most weeks twice a week.

As I sit there surrounded by people I don’t know I wonder why I can’t see my family and will now feel obliged to ask them if they will feel safe coming to see me as sheilding relaxes

I think you will be fine seeing family good luck and have a lovely time

Yes, I had one last week.

That’s right. Yes. I had the same letter. Not long now. And then 🍾🥂

Hi. Yes I got mine. You can meet up with 6 people after 6 July but only outside and still distancing. From 1 August you can go back to work!!!x

Yes I’ve had one. It doesn’t say anything about staying overnight with family. Go out to buy food, go to work in COVID safe environment, maintain strict social distancing, remain cautious and stay home whenever possible.

Will we ever have a normal life again...?

Mine says 1st of August too

Yes I got mine, too..... and so many pages of it!. I'm one of those with an eye condition and had attempted to buy some new glasses as there had been a sudden deterioration in my vision. They were less satisfactory than the old ones I wanted to replace but I do not like the idea of having to queue up next week with the populace at large to repeat that they are unsatisfactory .

''Matt'' ..( why not just sign a letter of such complexity and jargon as M Hancock as would be more appropriate) was sorry that I would have to remain whereever for another month.... so am I!

I never managed to get a delivery slot after several days of trying and am sorry for the aditional burdon caused by shopping for us to the lovely volunteers, most still busy with home schooling and husbands at home too

As I had been sent a letter to sign just before lockdown to deliver to any ambulance team to say I did not wish for resuscitation, it doesn't fill me with great joy

I am currently shielding, yes I received the letters. When Bojo said that those shielding could go out on June 1st my Rheumy called me the next day and told me to ignore that completely and to remain shielded. My GP called to say the same thing three days later.

Now the second letter has arrived my Rheumy has told me to go out for an hour a day, for the next two weeks, and I can meet up with family outside, maintaining social distancing measures of 2m but no one is allowed in my home. He told me he would let me know when I could have visitors and when I could visit others.

I am not sure if this is because I am recovering from a kidney infection or whether this is just the way he wants things to go; I suggest you follow what the guidelines laid out in the letter or contact your Rheumy nurse or GP if you are apprehensive.

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