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Join the European study on covid and people like us.


The European Patient Registry is collecting weekly information on people with our sorts of diseases and their experience (or hopefully non-experience) of covid. So far only about 3,000 people so are looking for more people to sign up as this will help get more understanding of how covid affects us.

Here’s the link, so have a look and see if you want to join in

(my walk this morning..)

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I’m already enrolled on this one (and some others).

Wish more people would sign up too.

I'm in it too, and the Covid 19.

Worth doing.

Boxerlady in reply to Mmrr

Me too - the more research the better 👍

Eiram50 in reply to Mmrr

I too, do the Covid 19 one.

What a stunning view and great place to be walking.

Yup, there are compensations for living in the back end of beyond...

Done! Thanks for drawing our attention to this.

Just done, thanks for posting as was not sure if it was still possible to join. x

What an amazing place for a walk :)

helixhelix in reply to Morigan

Just a few minutes from my house...helps keep me stress free.

Morigan in reply to helixhelix

I live in a City centre. This pandemic made me wanna move closer to the nature more than ever before :)

Just done it 😊

Amazing view, lucky you, am I right in thinking you live in France?

Yup, in the east. The far horizon is Switzerland

Aaaah, lovely.

Done. Hope it helps.


I have already signed up. Filled in my second survey last night. x

Just done it. Easy and takes only minutes

I've been filling it in for a few weeks now. So easy and quick and hopefully we will gain some insight into this horrid disease.

I already do it every Monday. X

Just joined. Thanks for the info. May find out something relevant to RD.

Already joined, completed 2nd survey last night. The more research that takes place, the better informed we all will be. Please do join if you haven’t already done so. Thanks double helix.

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