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Butterfly rash


I have lupus

Dose anyone else get this I can be in the sun 10 minutes and I have a big butterfly rash Over my nose and cheeks

Is this bad ?

What can i do to prevent it ?

Thanks x

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I haven’t but then I don’t stay in the sun and wear sun cream when out. Some meds can make your skin sensitive to the sun. I’d check your pil. Do you wear high factor suncream? Have you mentioned it to your GP?

I get that every time I get a flare, I had two antibodies in my DNA for Lupus but tested nag for lupus

What meds are you on? As could be them, or the disease itself. I can’t cope with sun much now as get a rash and then if I stay in the sun it blisters. Although it has improved over the years as long as I am very careful early in the year. But sunscreen, sun hats, cover up clothing and big dark glasses is my way of dealing with it. Sorry, but if you get sun sensitive then not much to be done.

Thank you for the comment I’d say I’ve had lupus for coming up to three years however I’ve been on loads of holiday in the sun all the time I love it but last couple of times I’ve been in the sun I’ve had a great big red butterfly rash I don’t get why all of a sudden

Trouble with these diseases is they do change and progress....

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Ah Nancy, you didn’t say you had Lupus in your post.

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Sorry yes I do but never suffered from the butterfly rash

From everything I've read, some people who have Lupus have that butterfly rash across the nose and cheeks. Often, it's a telltale sign of Lupus. Although I know many who have Lupus but do not have to deal with the rash.

I'm sorry that you have that on top of everything else, but as helix mentioned unfortunately our diseases can mutate and take on more symptoms than what we initially started out with. I started out with RA, now I can add Rosacea and Raynaud's to my repertoire as well as numerous skin issues which I have no idea how to diagnose. 😩

Sorry your getting this rash. I'm always careful in the sun and bought myself a sun hat with a 50 sunfactor in it. - they come from Australia. I never go out without it, if there is a glimpse of sun.

Two summers ago I developed the same thing and I was told it was drug-induced lupus reaction to the sun, probably caused by everything I’ve taken for RA over 20 years.

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