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Tree hugging-off topic

One of my boys got a lecture about leaving the bird nest alone so he scrambled down to show me how to tree hug instead.

I got a bizarre look from hubby me and the cat tree hugging as apparenylygood for you!

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So sweet and so funny. 'Look mum I'm doing my bit!'

I’m only smelling the blossom!

Cheeky chap 😂

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he is a very cheeky chap but also loves a cuddle 3 times a day

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Ohhh very regular

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when I wake up then afternoon about 4pm then when I go to bed he fnds me waits till I almost go to sleep then out on the tiles he goes!

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A true Tom cat 😁


He is beautiful 😍

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He is a big softie he always makes me smile as does Zappa

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He looks soft 🤩 I would love to cuddle him 🤗

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