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It was just a question of when !


Don't we live in a fantastic country. I know a few loonies out on the street but a country on shutdown, and army of volunteers and yes my son is on. The enhanced DBS's and with medical experience makes him very useful. He and DIL discussed it as knew a few days ago when he was asked to think about the risks.

So now the photo of him with the helmet and mask make sense, we thought it was for a laugh but clearly not. So to all those who may never read this thank you, as you putting your health at risk to possibly save mine is so overwhelming.

So many our worries about our health seem very trivial when so many healthy people and a lot have their own families and elderly relatives are prepared to risk them selves to help us. Britain is a fantastic country to live in and with the NHS and such people how can this virus beat us?

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Angels ❤️

I am a horrible cynic, but I hope in the rush to set up a volunteer service they do enough screening of people to weed out those who might be putting themselves forward with selfish intent, or even worse those who will take advantage.

So do I ! but I suppose an army of community workers paid or unpaid like Scout, Guide etc along with youth workers and other people with DBS's are out there and coming forward to support the vulnerable in this time of national crisis.

But I was really saying they don't have to help could just sit at home and ignore people like me. I'm sure we all want to support everyone else at this time. We live in strange times but crisis does bring out the best of people sometimes it seems to me. We've got stories here of ambulances being vandalised so I'm trying to look for the positives in human nature and stay positive. So now I'm going to make scones and do a few for an elderly neighbour (thats very old as older than me!) as must stay active. x

Saw an official on TV saying they would be vetting all volunteers who would be contacting those in need.

BUT saw another snippet of a program where they were warning only to open your door when you are expecting somebody ...don’t be taken in if somebody just knocks and says they’re from a volunteer service.... Especially mentioned if someone was going to do your shopping don’t give them the money until you have the goods.

I am sure there will be more detailed information coming out as the service gets up and running.

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