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NHS England guidelines during Coronavirus pandemic for RA patients


I rang my rheumatology nurse on Monday and asked if there were any measures being put in place in the clinic that I need to know about when I come for my bloods and prescription in a few weeks. She said no everything is just the same and told me to carry on my daily life as normal. I took it upon myself to self isolate because I’m on Baricitinib, have high Bp and plaques in my arteries. I’ve also been on Prednisolone for 7 years without a break.

I came across these guidelines tonight from NHS England and know they’re subject to change given the current climate but found them interesting.


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Very informative, thanks bernise.

I knew I was in the very high risk group, but seeing it in black and white really drives it home. :-(

Thanks. Very interesting.

Still unclear whether High or Very High Risk. I'm on Humira but with no other issues so probably would be High.

Very helpful thank you.

Off topic: my son has got a very handsome Bernese Mountain Dog he’s gorgeous & is going to one big lad.

bernese1225 in reply to Caza

My girl is called Amber, she will be 10 years old in July. They really are gentle giants x

Caza in reply to bernese1225

I’ll post a picture of him for you. We’ve had two. One was great but the other one was great with us but strangers 🤦‍♀️


Might be worth copying any pages that apply to anyone’s particular circumstances

I guess GPs will have enough to do without wading through this every time they are asked “does this apply to me”?

KittyJ in reply to AgedCrone

Yes, I’ve already cut a chunk out and sent to a friend with PsA.

AgedCrone in reply to KittyJ

Clever Clogs!🥰

KittyJ in reply to AgedCrone


thank you Bernie, super helpful

Very helpful, and looks like many of us with just RA and no other conditions on conventional medication could be low risk.

I find it quite tricky to interpret tbh but will try reading it again later 🙄😅

I thought that I would be low/medium risk as I only have RA and no other conditions but as I'm on Methotrexate I'm not sure now....

Thanks Bernese: really comprehensive x

Thank you for posting this. Extremely helpful. as I'm on Cimzia and MTX and I have asthma and AF. Very sobering to see it and it has put paid to any thoughts I had of nipping out to the shops etc. Added to this was the footage of an Italian hospital from Sky News and it really brought it all home to me.

bernese1225 in reply to MadBunny

I read the Sky News article this morning, those poor souls 😞 I’m like you, I’m not crossing the doorstep.

Thanks for sharing as very helpful.

Really useful, many thanks.

Thank you. Very useful.

Nice one. Stay safe fellow warriors

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