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A friend told me today that taking naproxen or other anti inflammatory meds are not advised whilst this virus is about, if true how do we cope without them!

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I would always check with the experts before stopping anything if unsure. Panic by some friends on Saturday as they thought there was going to be a paracetamol shortage..which there is absolutely not going to be!

Couldn't get any Paracetamol in Tesco again today. Notice up listing things that were not available. I asked how long it would be until they had any Paracetamol and was told that they had no idea, they cannot get any anywhere and that their suppliers are totally out of them. I was also told that everyone is in the same boat.

Oh wow really!! Probably the news tonight won’t help things either. My husband said in his store they had boxes of the stuff just couldn’t get on the shelves quick enough. Good luck with trying to find some x

Thanks but the assistant as Tesco didn't look too hopeful.

Best not to take advice from someone, even a well meaning friend, regarding the meds we take. Please follow the advice of your Rheumy, I will continue to take etoricoxib (another NSAID) unless advised otherwise.

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I agree if this was the case I’m sure NRAS would put out a statement. I’m still taking etoricoxib

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I think most employers , organisations etc are waiting also for the facts to come out from the government... hopefully won’t be too long to wait!

Word of advice... Stop listening to friends who have no medical qualifications .....if you are seriously worried about any of the drugs you are taking .....speak to your rheumatology nurse or your GP.

If any rules had suddenly been applied to any of the drugs we are taking our doctors would have made us aware immediately...& NRAS would have put out very visible warnings.

This comes from a tweet by the French Minister of Health, which sparked off a storm.... (their ministers can be as stupid as UK ones).

After much scientific to and fro it seems that the advice would be bettr phrased that anti-inflammatories are not a recommended self-medication to bring down a fever IF YOU HAVE SYMPTOMS OF COVID 19.

I thought it did but decided not to quote him given it's not clear whether the advice he gave is general or actual advice relating to specific cases found in people who already have the virus.

Hello... I was told by rheumy nurse to stop taking 2x 250 naproxen’s last week because I am still on pred 5mg ( not virus related) and went cold turkey. To my surprise I have not had too much pain! Yes I am stiff and sometimes a bit sore but taking paracetamol when I need to.


Thanks all, feel a bit easier about it. Will talk to the nurse soon , thanks again. Stay well all xx

Hey, I’m in the early stages of being diagnosed with RA, I was prescribed Naproxen today. They wouldn’t have written me a prescription for it today if there was any doubt of it’s safety. As others have said don’t make changes unless told to by your doctor. There’s so much wrong advice floating around in general at the moment, it’s all coming from well meaning people but stick with your doctors advice.

I read not taking NSAIDs is not true, it was incorrectly put out by France, otherwise I think we might have heard from rheumatology or GP or NRAS.....

I'm not stopping any of my meds unless told to do so by a Dr. - taking injectable MTX, HCQ, Naproxen & Codeine. I don't use public transport and will be taking extra care in washing hands after visiting shops etc.

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