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Hi anybody had an elbow mri and also I’m having a dry needle ultrasound in March very nervous about the needle thing

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As far as I know a DNU is a guided ultra sound .... they numb your elbow then possibly inject the joint.

I have had it on my feet....worked OK...not painful.

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No there not putting anything in the joint

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Maybe it’s something like acupuncture?

Of course it could just be the good old medical jargon

Do Not Understand....

You don’t want to worry about it until March ....telephone your rheumy nurse and ask her...then let us know!

Will do thank you

I had an elbow MRI last November. They put your arm in something so that you can't move it (mine was next to my head at a 90 degree angle). It was very loud and claustrophobic. They did give me headphones with music piped in and they gave me updates on time, etc. via the headphones, which helped ease the trapped feeling tremendously.

I’ve had mri before but never in arm thank you

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