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Great news I will be having my elbow surgery soon had an email from my consultant at Nuffield it’s all coming together now

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So glad to hear your news, take care x

Ooo I’m under the Nuffield too 😁 who’s your consultant? Good luck xx

deejojo08 in reply to Longlocks

Mr Sam Vollans x

Longlocks in reply to deejojo08

Just realised I’m at the Nuffield in Oxford xxx

Wonderful news! Let's hope it's soon

Great news! Best of luck with it all x

Brilliant news 👏

Thats good news darling. xxxx

I had my elbow replaced 4 yrs ago. It is the best thing I have done. Did not realise how much pain I was in till it was done. Good luck hope all goes well

Beviejon1 in reply to GlamNana

Had my elbow replaced after a fall 6 years ago.No problems.

Good luck, I hoe it'll all go well.

That's great news deejojo!

Good luck with your op. I hope all goes well for you. x

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