hello all,

I have been struggling with RA since Nov last year was misdiagnosed at 1st told I had fybromialia (now been told thats secondary). Where to start? diclofenic and arcoxia didnt work so have looked up other similar drugs came up with celecoxib and etoricoxib both with horrible side effects can cause heart attack and stroke. Oh can't wait to start takin these drugs lol.

I often feel like a lab rat being experimented on.

I do feel a lot better than last year RA hit like a baseball bat upside me head! I was in agony and it began with pains in my hips and knees but I thought it was cos I sat for long periods of time ( am very proud to say am black hackney taxi driver; took 5 years to do my knowledge). I would get out of the cab and walk like John Wayne for a few mins lol.

My hands/wrists n feet are still effected even tho on methotrexate. Any work with hands sets them off. Docs say might b this might b that anyone else in same boat, feel crap today mentally as fed up with it all. I want to go back to work and havent been able to for over a year. Need the money and social aspects of job cos I cant even take me dog for a walk for long. Moan moan moan I know but needed a rant


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