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Off topic stairs


You know you are part of a unique club when you find out YOU are not the only person when climbing stairs to bed you use your elbows to propel you or pin you in an up position 🤪

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I do that! Unless I choose to use my stair lift because I have a hot drink and armfuls of stuff to take up with me, like this evening, and only want to make one trip.

I can't do it any more, my elbows and shoulders are too painful. :-(

I can't put pressure on my elbows, ouch. I use my hands to pull myself now, but then I can't use my hands to carry anything upstairs. It can be a struggle at times.

Same here Happygranny can’t remember the last time I carried anything up or down stairs

Lol so true, I have to use my left elbow to steady myself upright going up stairs as I arm won’t rotate enough. Fortunately still able to use right hand to hold onto bannister to steady myself from falling on descent. A stair lift is a whisker away.

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