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I have found 3 bruises ( 2 large) have appeared in the last 3 days without any recollection of any accident. I am on Hydroxychloroquine and Benepali. I did have an issue with easy bruising ( and very slow healing) which started when I had a depo medrone jab. It continued for the 6 months I was on Methotrexate and continued for probably a year after I ceased it. For a good year my bruising has been normal.

I am also feeling very tired today ( bad nights sleep last night).

I wonder if I should contact my clinical nurse as the bruising seems a little unusual. I am not due a review til late February.

10 Replies

I use to get bruising when I first started methotrexate and every now and then they come for a visit. I mentioned it to a rheumatologist and he said if your bloods are ok there’s nothing to worry about. I would contact your clinic just incase

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I get a lot of bruising too and don't remember banging, bumping into things. I think you will find a few of us on the forum do.

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Looking at the replies you have had I see I am not alone. I get lots of bruise where I think where did that come. My arms are very often bruised because I have tissue like skin now thanks to the drugs. I can knock my arm and I get deep red blotches on them .xxxxx

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Thanks Whaleroad that’s encouraging to hear and bearing in mind my body had reacted like this before.... I will wait and see.

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I get them all the time on my arms. My rheumatologist said it's common in Ra patients. A combination of medications used and thinning skin as we get older I was told was the cause.

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I get lots of bruises for no apparent reason. I have been told that steroids can do it and so can having RA. I usually get them on my legs and in fact, never have a time when there isn't some on my legs. I once had one that measures 6' x 4' and that one did worry me, but it just faded over the next few days.

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Yes I too get lots of bruises and don't remember doing anything to cause them. Yours looks like the ones I get from knocking into the end of my bed, a line of bruise to the bigger bruise like you've scraped against something. I'm on the same meds as you.

I have tons of bruises, my dr said it's from nsaids

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Have had random bruising,mainly on my legs for eti seas a result of banging myself,some just appeared. Am on Myclophenate now and bruising has gone?my .egs look a lot better than they used to!

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I agree with everyone. I get lots of bruising with no idea where they came from.

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