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Update from Friday’s gp’s appointment


Thank you all for your messages. Sorry I’ve left replying till now, been trying to get head round latest diagnosis, lots to take in.

Fridays appointment with gp went well.

Gp said the cysts within my kidneys are related with the 40% kidney functioning, waiting for appointment to come through to Renal.

Also being referred to Gastroenterologist regarding the Spleen also colon which is poorly distended. After everything we spoke about

I forgot to mention nor did my gp mention the Gallbladder which is now questioned. The MRI scan couldn’t see the Gallbladder, wasn’t visible and asked whether I have had a previous Cholecystectomy - to which I haven’t, not sure whether this is a problem. I’m sure all will be dealt with ASAP.

Best wishes to you all

Pamela xx

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Sorry to hear all that Pamela. A lot to get your head around. You're certainly going through the mill. Hope there's light at the end of the tunnel. All the best x

I hope you are seen quickly and get some answers soon.

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