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Hello, I was wanting to ask if anyone of you take Rituxan infusion? And if so, can you tell me how you do on it? Any side effects?

Thank you

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Hello Zeke

I had my first infusion of Truxima (Rituximab biosimilar) in mid-May and, although it's only 13 weeks ago, I've noticed very definite improvement in my condition. I understand the full effect can take 16-24 weeks. I've had no side effects that I'm aware of, I'm sure it's the Prednisolone that causes the ones I do have from time to time!

It's such a relief for me that my Rheumy has finally found a drug that works for me as I've had severe and uncontrolled RA for 15 months and have been struggling to cope and live independently. I sincerely hope it works just as well for you. Incidentally, I'm not on MTX with it as that caused lung problems.


I know there are others on this forum for whom Rituximab/Rituxan/Truxima has worked well and there's also helpful advice on what we've found useful to take to hospital when we are going to have the infusion.

Good luck 🤞


I started retuximab about 7yrs ago 6mthy infusions, and last year switched to the biosimily, only side affect I get is a sore throat and very tired for a couple of days

I ask for the infusion to be put through slowly so my throat doesn't feel too bad as it can make it feel extremely sore and swollen.Result of infusions usually last about 5mths so I know that is time to see about getting the next one set up.

Hope you get good results and it controls symptoms xx


Hi Zeke,

I have been on Rituxan infusions for about 4 years now and from my point of view I’d fight anyone who wanted to take them away from me! Yea, it’s kind of a drag to do the infusions but you do get used to that, just take enough books, magazines, electronics to keep yourself busy.

I get slight bone pain a few days afterwards which last for about 4-5 days, at night mostly, but then I’m pain free for a good 4 months. I’ve never had anything that works as well for RA, it’s been wonderful for me.

It has the added bonus in my case for also working for GCA, giant cell arteritis. Don’t be afraid of it, I’d say if it’s what your Dr is recommending, give it a try. It can take a few months to take effect in your body but worth the wait!

Good luck,



I started this new drug about 6 weeks ago had the first two infusions. Not had any side effects apart from being a bit more tired than usual. First few weeks pretty sore but improving slightly now. Not ready to do handstands yet but fingers crossed every week will see an improvement. Hope you are the same good luck.


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