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Telephone Scam going round

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Two days last week I answered the phone to be told ( after a few seconds delay ) of a male well spoken voice ( pre-recorded ) that my land line and internet connection was going to be dis - connected and to prevent this either press 1 or 2 , so I slammed down the phone to ring Age U.K. , whom advised ringing BT to report this. I had 1471, and had both - one an international no. So BT immediately blocked these 2 different tel. no.s + for everyone else with BT. BT told me I had done the right thing as a scam.

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I'm always getting phone calls from talk talk telling me my internet is being switched off, had six in one day a few weeks ago, I'm not with talk talk. They are now pre recorded message similar to the one you've had. I use to like it when it was an actual person on the other end, if I had time I would really wind them up, I sound really worried, talk stupid to them, pretend I was concerned, then give them what for. Their just trying to con people. x

I have a BT phone with which I can block numbers, but they just change the number they ring out on so can still get through. I got 6 of these calls in one day once. GRRRR :-O

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Yes, this kept happening to my boyfriend , nearly every morning , though, one day I answered it ( they claimed being a pharmaceutical company asking requiring any medication. ( live person ) ; no thanks only use paracetamol which buy myself from shop. He then started sexual talk so slammed down the phone. ( Yes, tried blocking every time ( had phone like yours ), but they kept changing no. so could still get through , yes so annoying , such scammers should be placed outside in medieval stocks.

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Thanks for letting us know. That's another we can block if we receive the same call.

We regularly get calls regarding an accident that we were involved in, always starting with them knowing it wasn't our fault. This happened in 2013, white van man rear-ended us... we'd stopped at traffic lights 5 cars back, he was on his mobile & just didn't stop, or rather he did but our car bore the brunt! Insurance paid out, the back of the car replaced & medical plus physio all covered.

The latest call last week was the same as before, I explained that it happened in 2013 & the claim was obviously closed. The caller was persistent despite me repeating myself 3 times so in the end I ended the call to save me being exasperated & saying something unkind. A minute later I had another call, this time from her supervisor. Again I repeated myself, there was a short pause & then profuse apologies for their calls. Harrumph, why don't people listen (or believe you)?!

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Yes I had that....BUT on Saturday evening I got a call worded exactly like the scam....turned out to be the water company saying to let them know if we had either low pressure,or no water...there was a water main burst & they were offering bottled water.

I’m glad I just put the phone down & didn’t say something really rude!

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We get phone calls and txts from BT saying they are about to cut us off- we dont use BT!

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I had this the other day too, the recorded message said it was ofcom calling to tell me my broadband would be disconnected in 24 hours due to malware packages being detected... press 1 if you are with BT press 2 for any other provider.... then I hung up!

So annoying!

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Yes I have had that one many times from many numbers, which I’m able to block. The latest one is saying there’s a warrant for my arrest, had this many times too from different numbers. I should imagine this would scare many people and this is how they get you 😡

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Yes had it a while back also is happening with talk talk .another catch with some of the scammers is once you click an option button 1 2 3 or 4 you get hit with £5 a minute charges .thanks for reminding us all

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I had a call claiming to be from HMRC it was a recording, a males voice, he said I still owed them £2,000 in unpaid tax, he then said that an officer had been dispatched to my address, if i didn't pay what i owed now, i would be arrested! As I was having quite a good day I decided to not pay and hang up, as i do love a man in uniform, I was quite looking forward to been arrested!!

On the serious side if this had been a call to an elderly person, with mobility and or other issues it would of been a really scary call to receive! They should be shot!

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Thank you for alerting me to this HMRC scam , every few weeks I get a HMRC email saying they owe me money ( quoting the amount ; always differing amount , ex £200 - £300 ) I quickly delete them .

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The one I keep getting is a recorded message which says. HMRC have issued a warrant for my arrest and I need to press 1 to speak to a solicitor. God help any old or person who has a stress disorder. These people should by made to pay by issuing a warrant for their arrest. Makes me so mad that these stupid people get away with it.

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