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Has anyone been on Humira injections and had to go on to a Biosimilar. If so are they working as well and keeping their RA under control

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Hi jaybird yes I was on Humira since last August and am on Alimunumb now, I only take my 2 dose this Sunday so it’s too early to say if it’s going to work but the last month I’ve been struggling with a lot off fatigue and sore in some off my joints so we will see, the Humira worked great and I think it was to save money , as usual the patients come last xxx


Well, if the NHS became so short of cash to run, where would the patients go then?


The kind of rituximab I get is a biosimilar - I didn’t notice TIL I checked to see where it came from because of Brexit worries. So I’ve not been aware of any problems.


I have been on humira on and off for about two years I also have vasculitis as well as RA they are talking about putting me on a cheaper version of humira but it has'nt happened yet. As far as Humira is concerned it has helped my joints but not my vasculitis and leg ulcers sorry i can't be more helpful


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