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H pylori and RA

Morning everyone , just a quick question and update .been on hydroxy for a week now nothing to report ! But no side effects as yet ! Anyway I wanted to ask has anybody had or has H pylori was just diagnosed and I'm on my second day of antibiotics that's 16 tablets a day I feel awful it's one thing after the other I'm so down in the dumps xx

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I had all the symptoms of and was tested and found negative for H.Pylori, given antibiotics and omeprazol which I didn’t want so in the end I cut out all junk/fast food, fizzy drinks and chocolate, took probiotics and gut friendly foods and my gut recovered without the omeprazol.

When I take antibiotics I always take probiotics for my gut. I used to take them afterwards but when my husband got a new hip and was on antibiotics I found a Optibac do a probiotic that you can take along with antibiotics. He took them and wholefat natural yoghurt and other foods that are good for your gut.

I’ve read that hydroxychloroquine takes a while to kick in, can’t remember how long. I started with a course of steroids and I didn’t realise at first that I was supposed to take both together if the steroids worked so maybe there wouldn’t have been such a gap if I had done that. I only take 200mg a day.


Please don't be down in the dumps. Turn it around - you have a diagnosis of H pylori which is CURABLE. Whoopee, and only after a course of (unfortunately) a large number tablets. That's so much better news than the diagnosis previously of RA. That you are stuck with. I do hope that you do well on the hydroxychloroquine.


Thanks lovely that’s very true I’m hopeful for the Hydroxy as I’ve heard good things so fingers crossed x


its a great drug, only I am not allowed to take full 400gms now, because of being under weight, so its not working as great :O( but it is still working but not as good as two tablets a day.

what were your symptoms for H pylori? sometimes I think I have that? I know I have stomach and bowel problems

don't know how many times I have seen GP over it

but haven't had any tests done as yet

hope your tummy gets better real soon x


I had really bad acid reflux actually thought I was having a heart attack it was so bad never any stomach problems but with all these antibiotics I am now lol


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