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Guided steroid bilateral hip injections HELP!


Just looking for advice from people who may have had this done.

I have been sticking my head in the sand hoping the pain will get better since August and now it’s so bad I can’t lie on my side at all and can only get moments of sleep if I put freeze packs on my hips. Hips are on fire and Pain is driving me slightly crazy!! As well as other symptoms of RA life is grinding to a snail pace.

Finally bitten the bullet and have private Rheumatologist appointment on Thursday, my GP thinks he will want to inject them. My physio insists it must be guided with ultrasound so my tendons are not damaged.

My NHS team (see someone different every time) have been totally unsupportive. Simply because my inflammatory markers for what ever reason are not raised. Therefore my pain isn’t real???

I am wondering how long after the injections will I need to rest???absolutely must get the most out of these injections. Any advice???please.

Great family pressure here which will need military manoeuvres to accommodate for me being out of action!!

Thank you any ideas gratefully received so I can arrange for the fort to be held. O M G


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I've had injections into both bursas above my hips and though it is quite a deep injection it wasn't too painful at all. Afterwards I felt a bit bruised but was cycling within 24 hours on both occasions. If the injection is into the hip joint itself, that is likely to be similar I expect, through thick hip muscle but into the joint itself. Steroids into joints tend to be pretty effective in the short term at least. I hope hat it works out well for you. Could you Let us know how it works out please?

Thanks so much Hawker955

It is just into /around the bursa.

Fab that you were back cycling. I had them into elbow and was back working on the farm straight away but that was 20 years ago. Now I am an old duffer of 53, I am less able!

Will let you know

Thanks again

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