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Prescription Medication Costs


I think I am going to quit work soon as would rather focus on my health.

Is anyone aware of help with prescription costs I can get?

I ll be living off my partners pension which will be helped by a small pension of mine kicking in during Jan. Thankfully we have no mortgage but income at this stage will ve about 15k.

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Apply for PIP & ESA if unable to work due to RD. Can you get any ill health retirement. NRAS do excellent booklets on above. Yes it’s all stressful but so is having this and that’s a big drop in income, you might be pleased you did in a couple of years time xxx

Your best bet is the pre -payment certificate..£ can pay monthly & get as many prescriptions as you need.

Look on the back of your prescription or on tells you the qualifying criteria for getting free prescriptions...which Benfits count etc.

Yep agree with Aged Crone - pre-payment cert - easy to apply on line if you can, and its about £10 ish a month if you want to pay monthly by direct debit. The card takes a while to come through, but I got a letter first which listed the payment start date and when the cert/card started from, I took this letter to the dispensary - they were happy to accept that for my prescriptions before I got my card through.

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Even before the letter comes as long as you know the start date you can claim the money back. You have to ask for a receipt from the chemist (explain what you want it for to ensure you get the right one) and then take it and the card when it arrives to any chemist and you’ll get your money back.

You get free prescriptions when over sixty of course. Also, it is cheaper in the long run to use a pre-payment card, about £10 per month I think. Then the meds are "free" at the chemist.

TheBoys in reply to hawker955

Thanks...thats a big help

Just ordered one online

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