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Warning ⚠️ prescriptions


I have run out of my biologic. I have been trying to get in touch with the company who deliver it to my home. After many messages left and emails someone answered the phone. Many hospitals are very late sending prescriptions due to staff shortages. My prescription is 3 weeks late ( I’m an always order in advance just in case ) I ran out on Friday now. Having to chase Rheumy clinic . Who have taken me off methotrexate so I now have no medication.

I thought I would warn people just in case

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Thanks. I should have been contacted to arrange my next Humira delivery by now, and haven't. Although this also happened last time, when there was no pandemic. Probably just going to be even more of a headache chasing it this time.

Who is it delivering, I’ve just booked my next delivery for a couple of weeks with healthnet homecare. I book mine online.

J1707 in reply to KittyJ

Same company and I book online. It won’t let me book this has been for the last 3 weeks. I’ve left messages on their answer phone and sent emails but no one got back to me . They apologised and said they have been busy. Now say hospital not sending prescriptions even though they have requested. She said it’s happening with many hospitals

KittyJ in reply to J1707

That’s not good at all to not get back to you. They bombarded me with texts, emails and phone calls because I didn’t book straight away as I had plenty left. I will see what happens when delivery is due. I hope you get sorted very soon.

Oh no, that’s terrible. I requested mine the week before last (MTX from my hospital) and had a phone call last Saturday saying that it was ready for collection. I went to the hospital (over 15 miles away so they don’t deliver) and they brought it out to the car for me and left in in my carrier bag which I had hanging on my door mirror. They were very helpful and on the ball. Hope you can get it sorted soon. x

This is something for our new" vulnerable " minister. Email him ?

J1707 in reply to allanah

Mmm you could be right.. but we’ve been told it’s business as usual... 🙄

allanah in reply to J1707

Doesnt sound usual when things not arriving !!!

I've got to order my Methoject from the hospital in a couple of weeks time so it'll be interesting to see what happens. The pharmacy there is usually very busy and S-L-O-W but maybe things will be better with less people visiting the hospital? I'm also due to collect a new sharps bin from the clinic (had a nurse appointment booked for the May 22nd) so I don't know what will happen about that but hopefully they'll have a sensible system in place.

My repeat prescription for Hydroxychloroquine wasn't due until next Saturday but I asked the local pharmacist what supplies were like and he made a face and said "Well, I've got plenty in stock at the moment"..... I order from my surgery online so I sent a message explaining and asking if it would be possible to have the prescription early and they sent it immediately - collected it today 😊

This has been a concern of mine. I phoned rheumy early last week as I had a couple of questions, including the availability of baricitinib and was told that they haven't heard of anyone not getting it so far, which doesn't exactly reassure me with all that's going on.

This thing certainly puts past concerns about Brexit affecting the supply of meds into perspective don't it! :-(

So sorry to hear this - how annoying for you! I don't suppose your GP could prescribe you some methotrexate maybe - did they take you off it to go on the biologic? I know that it took my GP 2 weeks to hear back from Rheumatology here with a simple question, so it seems everything is very much not business as usual, no matter what we're told. Really hope you are able to get some medication soon.

It's same for Azathyaprine and I've just complained as if you in shielding how many pharmacies do you visit. It's from China apparently. But I'm not sure thats true as I found it in another private pharmacy so will wait and see what the GP says. I know it's hard and do understand the pressures they are under. But this is not Sainsburys not having enough bread in today, the NHS must have enough stocks in the country to have enough to service its requirements for months not days. a few lessons to be learnt after the crisis is over I think. Our GP's are great so I pointed out why send a letter saying don't go outside etc then say you've got to travel to town to get a prescription filled as our warehouse doesn't have it. I think this could get worse.

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