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Mtx and womb cancer


Hi Guys,

I was diagnosed with RA ten years ago. Had to eventually give up work. I have been on mtx and remicade for the past four years. I am 3 years post-menopausal and last week had a 'period'. Saw the GP straight away and have been put on the 2-week emergency referral programme for possible endometrial cancer. Am seeing the gynae on Monday - three working days after seeing the GP. GP advised, obviously, to stop taking mtx immediately.

Anybody else had experience of this? If it IS cancer, doesn't the mtx hinder treatment? How long does mtx take to clear the body?

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Sorry to hear that, how stressful for you & hope you get answers soon. It took about 5/6 weeks for me to flare after stopping MTX but this is purely anecdotal so hope you get better answers from someone. You could try ‘search’ under ‘more’ at top for cancer, MTX and RA; pretty sure i’ve seen others on here where RA symptoms stopped with cancer treatment. Hope it isn’t that, kindest regards x

Lots of reasons for post menopausal bleeding. Mine in the end turned out to be fibroids and polyps.

Anyway MTX has a short half life, so the drugs clears quickly although it takes longer for systems to return to where they were. No idea about MTX during cancer treatments - except that MTX in high doses is used for cancer treatment. A friend of mine had tumours treated with MTX - 35mg a dayfor 7 days, repeated every 4-6 weeks or so. Ugh.

But hope it is just an alarm with a simple solution for you.

What a stressful time for you and on top of your other conditions too. It need not necessarily be cancer, as HH said and I truly hope it isn't . I'm wishing you all the best for tomorrow and after. Please keep us updated on your progress . Hugs


Thanks guys! Just want to get it over with now. I meant to say in the intro that the GP did a urine test and there was blood, protein, white blood cells and sugar in the urine. The bleeding was def. coming from the vagina though. What does all that mean?

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