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My parents say I’m not even close to ready to live on my own and be emancipated even though nobody ever is. I get they don’t want me to end up like my brother but honestly he’s not very smart. I’m not either but I’m smart enough to know if you are making a good pay don’t quit the job or do anything to get yourself fired. And apparently my brother will be living with us again and my parents changed their minds about getting a hotel for the winter. We’ll only be here a little while and so I’m withdrawing my applications to the jobs I applied for since there is absolutely no use. I might as well just live with my parents for the rest of my life because I won’t ever be able to make enough money to move out with all the moving. I find it funny that my brother was way less qualified to be an adult then I am right now at 17 when he was 18 and get they let him go do what he wanted. It’s really unfair honestly. And my parents didn’t even try to listen to my pitch. The second I said I wanted to be emancipated they said no without even giving me a chance. Long story short I got super frustrated and emotional I left the room in a huff like I always do when I try to talk to them about things like this.

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Don't get in a panic Ccrowlu....parents are always way more protective of daughters.....although it's often the sons who get in trouble!

Looking back on your first post...I'm wondering if SD is really the best place for you to launch out & live on your own? If I had a 17 year old daughter I wouldn't be too keen on leaving her alone with no friends in a place where they have billboards warning tourists about the sex trade......things must be quite ugly for warnings to be so prominently displayed. I have been all over the US & have never seen signs like that.The scariest sign I saw was Beware of Bears in a small town in Pennssylvania!

You are on the right track to find a job & settle somewhere you can find a job, get your education certificate & make some friends...maybe now is just not quite the right time? When you move on, have you thought of getting a job that provides accommodation?

So ..... why not take care of your health as best you can until you are 18 - you say it's not long until your birthday ......maybe by then you will be in a better location, can find a job & your parents may be more likely to support you getting an apartment & starting out on your own.

I know right now you are probably thinking your parents are being unreasonable, but they really do have your best interest at try to take it on the chin & keep friends with Mom & Dad.

Anywhere can be a really lonely place.....but on your own with not much money, no job & no friends close by would probably not be what you really want.......especially in SD!

Keep us posted how you are getting on.

I'm sorry that you didn't really get to make your pitch. I guess you might have to try again or just wait a little longer. In the UK kids might manage to escape to Uni for 3 yrs when 18yrs (they have a loan), but if they don't do that, financially they usually have to stay at home until they can afford to rent somewhere. Sometimes this takes a long time and they get very frustrated. Do what you can to ready yourself for the future, even if you can't make it happen just yet. Visualise what you want in 1 yr and work towards that. Don't get too despondent. You are understandably disappointed and angry, but it will pass.

I'm sorry, but I have to stick my oar in. I don't think living on your own is true emancipation. It's a fearful place to be and I would love to be able to go back to my mum. But she's no longer with us. BTW I'm 67.

Hi Ccrowlu

I know it shouldn't make a difference but perhaps they are extra protective because you are a girl, especially taking your illness into account. It will be very hard to do but if you show them how mature you can be about their decsion it might persuade them. A couple of months may seem a lifetime at your age but it will soon go. I bet most of the people on this site would agree with me on this, I wish I could go back to your age and have a couple of extra months with my parents but this is something you would only appreciate when you get to our age.

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