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Appointment to be consented

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Another question - what does the above mean?

I have tried ringing my rhumy nurse but the answer machine is not kicking in and she is not picking up.

I was told I would start the benepali injections at the end of this month, I now have this letter informing me of an appointment at the end of September to be consented, I just wondered if means I will start the injections then of will have to wait even longer?


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I presume this means you are now waiting for an appt. to consent treatment end of sept rather than Aug. How frustrating to be waiting longer. I guess only the hospital will know whether they give you your first dose there and then. Folks on biologics are likely to be able to give your their experience. Hope it works really well when you get it.

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Well since consent means to give agreement to something, I wonder whether this is an appointment to go through the details of starting you on Benepali and check you agree? Never had of it before.

Hope you get through to the nurse soon,

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AgedCrone in reply to helixhelix

I've never been on Benipali, but on a lot of the the drugs they feed us you have to have an apt with your Rheumy nurse first.

Try calling the PALS office at your hospital.....they can usually dig up a Rheumy nurse if the dept answer phone isn't working.

I’d just ring biologics clinic and check if you’ve already seen them amanda. Just started benepali myself & found it bit confusing as different people seem to have been given different advice on here. Good luck x

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