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Just smile and wave

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My med cocktail now is rituxan, plaquenil and MTX. I’ve just had one of the worst flares I’ve ever had. Still tapering off a small steroid pack. I’ve had worsening pain and swelling in my pointer finger very bottom joint. My question is...yesterday someone shook my hand,, not even very hard and I had even more pain in that joint. Is this a sign of things to come?

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Have you been checked for OA?

I have OA in my hips and knees (X-rays). Haven’t had X-rays of my hands since this journey started. Could That be it?

Possibly.....I have R.A in my wrists,elbows,shoulders......but Rheumy says in my fingers it's OA. These days I don't shake hands...just wave my hands around & say " I have a sore hand today".

If you mention any kind of arthritis you get the life story of their Auntie who has it!

The only good thing is it does seem to come & go, whereas the RA is constant....but I find the Rutuxan does help.

Hope you find a painkiller that helps.

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