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enbrel/ etenercept/benpali

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I was on enbrel/etenercept for ten years and then it stopped working and I have now been through around 6/7 different biologics/anti tnfs and now I'm back to benpali which is enbrel with a different name made by a different manufacturer (Samsung ) I take it with methotrexate and it seemed to be working until I got a viral infection anyway I'm back on the benpali 3rd injection and the jab is more painful/uncomfortable than previously. I injected yesterday and did it lying in bed with my knees bent, left leg, stretched the skin as usual and it did not hurt I think it was the fact that my knees were bent so that stretched the skin a lot more than sitting down, I shall do it like this from now on. I hope this helps. It would be great if manufacturer 's got together and agreed on the style of clic pen I have used 4 different types now and at first was annoyed that I couldn't inject until a nurse showed me how but as each pen is different its understandable. I had a lot of trouble with last one as I had to press a button to inject and hold it for 15secs till it was finished, I couldn't do this and she had to show my husband how and he hates needles but said he would for my sake. Not on that one now and this one is easier although till now was painful.

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I’m using the Enbrel click pen and have little pain as long as I leave it sit out of the fridge for an hour before injecting. I’ve also found that if I inject into a fattier part of my leg it hurts even less. Not sure why, but it’s true and I have no problem waiting the 5 seconds for it to click back when it hurts less.

Good luck!

I was on Enbrel for over ten years then changed to Benepali in March. It didn’t work for me and all those early RA symptoms I’d thought had gone were back - stiffness in the morning, constant fatigue and joint pain. After seven weeks my gp asked my rheumatologist to put me back on Enbrel, which he did. In all this time with both. Ed’s I have only used a standard syringe. Do you know how it’s decided who gets a pen to inject or is it a post code thing? In my early days on Enbrel the syringe came with distilled water in it to which you had to add a measured amount of powder!

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