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Hi. I’m on Leflunomide started yesterday I’ve pains in my stomach I think it’s a side effect anyone else who is on this have a issue with pain in tummy ?

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Hi Vonnie10 I have been on Leflunomide for over 6 months but to start with I did have some tummy problems but it did settle down. I had a tendency to be constipated due to different meds but I certainly haven’t had that problem since I’ve been on Lef. Some days in the beginning it was exactly the opposite - to the extreme. But it has settled down over time. I also take Sulfasalazine and the combination has certainly brought down my inflammatory levels. Hope this helps. All the best. Susie-Q 😀

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Thanks susie



I’ve been on this since November and I constantly have an upset tummy and can experience quite sever pain, higher up in my stomach.

Still hoping it resolved itself x


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