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Help needed and advise

|I have rheumatoid Disease, fibro and oesto. Recently had my thyroid removed due to cancer. I was on biological infusions monthly but had to come off due to the cancer. When I went back to the rheumatoid doctor he is now saying tat the rheumatoid is under control and he thinks oesto and fibro are the problem. I cannot believe that the cancer has cured my rheumatoid and from having infusions to going down to one tablet 150 hydroxichloraquine a day.!!!! He is putting me on 5mg of steroids and upping pain relief. I feel I need more for my rheumatoid to stop it from doing more damage and slow it down. The inflamation he says is oesto - I feel that the oesto has been brought on by the rheumatoid. He is my new rheumatoid doc - I feel let down in pain and tired with it all. Any suggestions where I go from here. It took 5 yeas to find out I had rheumatoid and 3 and a half years of biopsys for the cancer!!!

Many thanks for listening and sorry for the rant

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Did you ask if the drugs you were given after your cancer surgery was holding the RA at bay?

Your Rheumatologist will know what you have been prescribed & won't want to double up. He/she says it's under control ...not cured.

Just ask why?

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