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Rheumatoid Factor of 96 but Negative ANA test...what does that mean?

My name is Katherine and I am a 33 year old female. I have moving joint pain in pretty much every joint in my body (elbows, fingers, back, hips, knees, feet etc). My RF came back 96 but my ANA test came out negative. Can anyone explain what that means? Thanks so much!

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A positive ANA is most commonly associated with lupus, so a negative result makes that a less likely diagnosis for you. The rheumatoid factor test is one that isn't very specific, as about 40% of people have a positive result but don't have rheumatoid arthritis. However with a positive result that is a more likely diagnosis...sorry.

There's a lot written that people who are sero-positive (ie positive test result) are more likely to have an aggressive and erosive version of the disease than those who are sero-negative. However, people's experiences on this site are that that's not true at all. So don't fret about it.

However it does make it more likely that a rheumatologist will look at your thoroughly and not just dismiss your aches and pains as trivial. So I hope you have an appointment soon to get to a diagnosis and treatment.


Thanks so much for your reply, it was very helpful!


Hi Katherine,

Your specialist is the best person to guide you through the tests results and further testing process.

Anti-ccp is another antibody test done to determine RA but not necessarily present when RF is detected at high levels.

CRP and RF point to inflammation.

Anti-ccp positive along with high RF and high CCP are indicators of aggressive RD, the kind that might be more difficult to control but the sooner treatment is begun, the better.

ANA is an indicator for SLE also known as lupus.

Hope that helps!


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