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Sick of pain

I am 46 have fibromyalgia ,osteoporosis also had injection for my hip for bursitis now in agony with pain in hip knee taking a lot of medication have carpal tunnel both hands and wear braces of a night also I have arthritic bunion which causes my foot to give way fed up with my doctor putting everything down to my fibromyalgia and throwing tablets at me just wish he would actually listen to me .

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Is it possible to see someone else? Sometimes the medical team especially ones who are used to you make assumptions about you before you even walk in through the door (like a GP who assumed I had OA because I'm now old, not RD for a long time...)

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My doctor does this all the time ☺


Hi, just wondering if you have been offered any specialist pain management help. I know that this is not always readily available but it is worth finding out what there is in your area. In the meantime there is support provided by the British Pain Society:-




Not been offered to see anyone about pain management at all if pains in hip and knee are no better by tomorrow take a visit to a/ e not getting anywhere with doctor I see will definitely be asking questions about pain management thankyou ☺


So sorry to hear this, I have RA and have developed a hip bursa, the pain from it is horrible radiating down my thigh, in my buttock and down to my knee. Finding it so hard to walk any distance or uphill especially stairs. What a bummer when we put up with all the other stuff, then get a hip bursa.


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