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Arrhythmia with Humira?


Hello everyone again! I am asking this question in regards to my daughter who has AS and schlerosis of her back. She started Humira a month ago and takes an injection every other Sunday. She has noticed an arrhythmia or a racing of her heart after the injection. She is going to call her doctor today about it, but is this something that occurs until her body is more used to the drug? Her heart seems to quiet down some the next day.

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I also have AS and was on humera.cant say it's normal for heart to race as I was fine .could u ring her specialist NURSE for advice or health care at home just for piece of mind amy

I just started taking Humira in November of last year. I also notice that a day or so after my shot my heart rate jumps and skips. I am going to discuss this with my doctor next week.

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