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Humira injection miss....

Daughter tried a new site on her body for Humira injection from the midriff to her leg. She only got half the Humira injected into her leg and the other half dribbled out. Her midriff was getting too sore and she tried to change location, but it didn’t work out too well. Should she just wait another two weeks and go back to the original site of injection?

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Hi. Firstly...

Yes wait til the next jab is due.

Secondly....Ive only ever injected into my thighs. I think they advise a minimum of 3cm from the previous jab site so in my case I do 3 jabs (6 weeks) then change thigh. Im assuming your daughter took the pen away too soon before it had emptied. I was taught to do a slow count of 10 before lifting off and this is plenty long enough. If you listen carefully you can hear a sound when its emptied but counting to 10 is failsafe. Any further questions feel free to ask.

Best wishes



TY! She always did it in her mid section, but she said she doesn’t have the “fat” on her thighs that she has around her midriff. Lol. I think it startled her because it burned and she just pulled it out. She doesn’t like doing this, even though it’s been 3 months now. She is thinking she will have her friend, who is an RN dobit every other week until she is more comfortable with the whole procedure. 😊

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Understood. Personally its never stung me. Make sure the area she's cleaned with the wipe has completely dried before injecting as that can cause a sting. Also take the pen out of the fridge half an hour before to warm up. :-)


Yes defo wait until it is due again. I find removing the injection from the fridge 15 mins before you use it stops the stinging.

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Have been on Humira for 9 years and for years the nurses at my surgery injected me, this was before they took the sting out of it. For the last year or so, I have managed to do it myself. I take out of the fridge for half an hour before and only use my stomach, changing sides each fortnight, making sure it not too near my belly button. Like your daughter I don't have enough fat on my thigh, plus the thought of it ! It's a wonder drug for me. Good luck. X


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